Obsessions: February 20, 2021

I feel like we don’t have a lot to hold on to anymore. We have lost so many of our favourite things: eating in restaurants, hanging out with friends, dating, celebrating life’s milestones, travel, seeing family, parts of our everyday life from school and extracurriculars to seeing our co-workers. Our lives have become what we can access from home, largely through the internet. I hope some day my weekly favourite things can include things out in the real world, but for now they are all online. So here are the things I loved this week:


Image from danpelosi.com

Dan Pelosi is a warm hug in human form. He is my second mother, my mama bear, my heart out in the world. His recipes are comforting. His website is easy to use and navigate. And the tip of adding a fried egg to any leftover has now become my gospel.

He was featured in the New York Times Style section last weekend and you would of thought it was my best friend being featured, I cried actual tears (only 2 because I am dead inside but whatever).

Dan appears in the section: “Livestreaming Red Sauce”

@thelaminimalist :

Annie is truly a breath of fresh air on Instagram. I’ve been following her for years and even though we are at totally different places in terms of financial discovery, minimalism, etc. somehow everything she says is somehow applicable to what is going on in my life. Also please don’t let her being a minimalist scare you off! Annie talks about how minimalism is whatever you want/need it to be. For example, she does laundry once a month. That means she has a pretty decent amount of clothes to get through a month. She would rather minimize the amount of time that she spends on chores than the amount of clothes that she has in her closet. I also love how she doesn’t focus on the less, she focuses on the more. That sounds so woo-woo but somehow when she says it it makes sense. I cannot recommend her Instagram stories enough. How she talks through things just makes so much sense.

Image and caption from @thelaminimalist
Instagram post and caption from @thelaminimalist

Also she has recently gotten into Reels, not TikTok, she ONLY has Instagram and they are so funny and on the nose.

I am so late to the party on this one. I finally watched “Bridgerton” on Netflix. It is so campy, so wild, and SO GOOD. Do not watch with anyone you are related to. No parents, no uncles, no aunts, no siblings, no cousins. Maybe friends, maybe someone you have sexual tension with. Probably someone you have sexual tension with. But no family. It’s basically porn in several scenes. I also love the thought that the King of England fell in love with a Black woman and now they are just a part of society. Fantastic. But the reveal at the end šŸ˜®

Carly Riordan announced her collaboration with Stubbs and Wooton this week and I am 100% saving up for these. One of the great things about Stubbs and Wootton is that their shoes are made to order, they only make what is ordered so they can’t sell out and they can’t make too many size 5s or size 13s and then have waste product. It’s obviously a slower way to do fashion, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m about this year. Also I haven’t checked if they ship to Canada yet, please don’t break my heart.

Image from carlyriordan.com LOOK AT THEM.

Also, Summer House is back on TV. It is fluffy nonsense. Drivel, my parents would say but I love it so much. I literally pay for the StackTV extension on PrimeTV solely for Summer House. I’m so glad that Danielle is back this season and I am obviously completely obsessed with Hannah and Paige since their Betches days but #GigglySquad got me through lockdown round 1.

Finding these bright spots on the internet and in all the content that exists out there has honestly been some of the things that really get me through the winter doldrums. So G’bless the content creators that are making this pandemic winters survivable.


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