Mid-Week Procrastination

If you’re anything like me Wednesday’s are the worst. So far from the weekend but enough into the week that any reserves you built up the previous weekend are done. Although hopefully this week isn’t too bad, if you live in Ontario like me, Monday was Family Day, a holiday, and I think it’s President’s Day in the USA so hopefully most of you got a break. I’m also super excited for this week because the students I volunteer with are off on Reading Week and I feel much more excited for a break than I probably should. Although this is a little later in the day than normal because I just couldn’t work up to doing anything earlier on.

First up is a New York Times story from this past weekend about how New Orleans is adapting this year’s Mardi Gras celebration to the pandemic, and honestly it’s just beautiful. I hate everything about this past year, but the stories of the creativity, resilience, and adaptability of communities are so heartwarming.

Everyone I talk to also says that they feel like this: https://www.bustle.com/wellness/cant-concentrate-on-anything-pandemic-night-in

This YouTube video from Janea Brown is so real and raw and is actually about self-care for when you have truly gone into such a funk that you can barely see the way out

I’m also super into this boucle chair DIY from Drew over at Lone Fox. I’m not super into the boucle furniture trend. I think it is a bit too trendy and trends aren’t sustainable. I can also only think about how much the cat hair would get trapped in the boucle, but I adore the way he used pool noodles to create the ridged? wavy? back!! Like you could do this with any fabric, and make it more sustainable by thrifting your chair. And he bought the chair without the cover, so he didn’t have to throw away the cover, such a good idea for a DIY chair.

And a depressing story for the end, climate change is going to have most of its impacts on racialized, low-income people. People who already are more disadvantaged and devalued by society. This article from the New Yorker talks about xenophobia and climate change and how immigration status could influence the way some people respond to climate disasters and climate change.


I also can’t recommend enough reading and doing some things off line as well, whatever floats your boat. What are you reading this week?


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