Mid-Week Procrastination

I’m really starting to love this little series, making it is definitely a bring spot in my week. However, it all started because I hate Wednesdays. I think they are worse than Mondays, all your energy and freshness from the weekend is gone, but the coming weekend is still so far away. So I have started making a fun little list of light, positive, hopeful reads.

A Canadian artist’s installation in LA about the Tsunami of Grief that we all feel at a loss. I think it is particularly touching this year when so many of us have lost so much. It could have been a loss of a friend or family member, a pet, or something that is supposedly less like a graduation, a vacation, a job, a partner/boyfriend/girlfriend to a break up, all of these things can lead us to grief. Divya Mehra’s work is essentially balloons but it captures so much feeling.

I am a bad Canadian. I can barely skate, let alone play hockey. But I can appreciate the joy that hockey brings so many people and the loss that so many people are feeling since the community hockey programs have all been lost to the pandemic. I adore this story of “Speakeasy hockey” in upstate New York and I am sure there are so many Canadians doing the same thing.

Like a lot of single people in the world the past year has largely been a lost year. There has already been so much written about dating safely, not dating, disregarding safety to meet someone, advice from public health on glory holes to prevent COVID transmission during hook-ups and that the safest sex you can have is with yourself. It’s been a wild year. But this article is the one that I actually related to: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2021/02/10309075/losing-year-dating-timeline-covid

I sent some of the students I advise this article to help them highlight some of the amazing Black Canadians we have and not just Americans for their Black History Month social media awareness campaign and I still love it: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2021/02/10286036/black-history-month-canadian-women

I really want to knit this sweater, I have a pair of pants that I had a chunky camel-y coloured sweater to wear with but it had just gotten so worn out and gross that when I tried on my fall/winter clothes this past fall to see what I was keeping I sent it to the recyclers because it was just nasty. But I haven’t been able to find a replacement that I like so I haven’t worn the pants, and I really like the pants! This also makes sweater knitting look kind of easy and not terrifying?

And lastly I have listened to this podcast like 4x in the past 3 days, I highly recommend.

I hope there is something in here that lightens your load this week!


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