Things you can do when you have a concussion

Well, firstly, it should be said that if you have a concussion you should not be reading this. I know how hard it is to completely avoid screens, we communicate with our employers, clients, friends, and family all on screens now and how can you tell people that you have a concussion or ask for … Continue reading Things you can do when you have a concussion

Friday Favorites

This week has actually been an excellent week! We have been having a staff retreat at work and it's in person! I have gotten to meet so many people, I've made friends! I've never thought of myself as an extrovert, but I am so energised (but also exhausted) by this past week and all the … Continue reading Friday Favorites

KonMari that Sh*t: Day 1

So because I recently quit my job I also recently moved home. I've always known that I had some stuff in my parent's attic. However, once I put the entire contents of my living room, kitchen, and patio into my corner of the attic my stuff took up almost a whole QUARTER of the attic. … Continue reading KonMari that Sh*t: Day 1