Friday Favorites

This week has actually been an excellent week! We have been having a staff retreat at work and it’s in person! I have gotten to meet so many people, I’ve made friends! I’ve never thought of myself as an extrovert, but I am so energised (but also exhausted) by this past week and all the social interaction. Also we did a yoga class today and even though I have not exercised at all basically in the last two weeks, I was limber, and strong. I was maybe showing off a bit or maybe pushing myself is the better term, but I definitely need to get back into group fitness classes because I definitely do work harder in public. Oh I also voted early in the election! If you are voting for one of the left-leaning parties, please check the polls in your riding on the day you vote, we are so often told to vote Liberal to vote strategically; however in this election the Liberals are actually not the strategic vote in some ridings, the NDP is! So, because I had more of a life this week it was actually harder to make a favorites list this week, which I thought was funny, but let’s get into the list:

Instagram Favourite: The mute button

So this is definitely off brand for me, but I have muted a few people’s stories lately because they were annoying me on stories, but I still wanted to see their posts and didn’t want to unfollow them. Now, whenever they post a feed post I enjoy it and will watch their stories when I want to, instead of swiping over them constantly and having them block my personal friends’ stories. It’s put the joy back in my Instagram scroll.

TV/movie Favorite: Bo Burnham’s Inside

This is a [insert inappropriate language here] masterpiece. I laughed, I cried, I related to it super hard. I am so in awe of the creativity, the musicality, the songwriting, the comedic timing, the joke writing. You watch him breakdown and start to heal through the special. It is magic. There was also something so relatable about watching him struggle to produce his vision on his own, no lighting people, no director, no cameraperson, just his brain and his tools. It was so relatable, even just trying to do simple photography and creative stuff without professionals and proper equipment has been tough, but a whole Netflix quality, superb special. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Podcast Favourite: You’re Wrong About: The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case

This episode was fascinating. We as a society, talk a lot about how litigious Americans are, but this episode explains why. So most countries have consumer protection agencies and product regulations, the USA doesn’t have most of these things. Instead, their consumer protection system is designed so that if something happens to a consumer using your company’s product they can sue you and that is how products will be regulated. So the system is literally designed to have people sue companies.

I’m not sure if it was as much of a thing in other countries, but in the USA we always heard people talking about suing McDonalds, particularly this woman, who according to the lore, sued McDonalds because she spilled her coffee on herself. What gets left out of that story is the details that make her lawsuit make sense and her compensation totally worth it. This episode explains it all and is another example of how the USA is a country held hostage by it’s own need for freedom.

Random Favourite #1: Vionic Loafers

So I bought these way back in March, when I got this job, because I did think that I would be going straight into the office, but then didn’t. But I have worn them three times now, and while they did give me terrible blisters until I got the right socks, they are an incredibly comfortable shoe. I love them, and I have gotten so many compliments on them. Those little sockette things are absolutely essential with them, and they turned my socks orange on the bottom? but they are so so cute and so comfy. I bought mine at the Shoe Lounge in Renfrew, the fact that that town has two really good shoe stores is a happy mystery to me.

Random Favorite 2: This weird cool reusable mug adapter thing

I found this in a kitchen shop in Guelph that is now closed, but it is essentially a leather loop that you put a mason jar in and then it has another leather loop that forms a handle. This is one of the best things I have ever bought. If I get lazy and don’t want to wash dishes, I can just grab another mason jar and pop it in and boom new reusable mug. It’s the best.

I’m really looking forward to chilling this weekend. It’s the most social interaction I have had in well over a year and I am tired and ready to rest for a bit. Also, it’s kitchen week in the @GoCleanCo’s fall cleaning challenge and I will be tackling that for sure.

Have a great weekend!


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