What I’m Buying in February

February is an unusual month for me (although January was the same so maybe not) where I will be doing most of my purchases in person rather than online. I will be in Minneapolis for a concert over the long weekend and am planning on hitting up Target and Trader Joes while I am down there, hopefully crossing a few things off my long-term apartment shopping list.

One. Gold, brass, or some other warm metal floor lamp for behind my couch. I need an extra light source to read with when I sit at the other end of my couch which I have been doing increasingly. And I am also increasingly anti-big light. I’m planning on getting this at Target, I noticed that they had a good selection last time I was down there in June.

Two. Some kind of pedestal bowl, I mentioned this in my 2023 Wish List post, but I saw that Caroline Winkler, one of my favourite YouTubers had this bowl in her bedroom where she stored her headbands and I thought that was genius. I’m hoping to hit up some thrift stores, but this may also be at Target if I see something.

Three. LaCroix. They no longer have LaCroix in my grocery store (I think I may have been the only one buying it) and I miss my bubbly whispers of fruit flavour. Again at Target.

Four. La Colombe Canned Coffee. I just love this stuff so much and we don’t have La Colombe at any Canadian grocery stores. I may also get a couple bottles of their cold brew, we’ll see.

Five. This bedding from Target that I have fallen in love with. For the past couple summers I have been desperately wanting a light quilt. Air conditioning isn’t uncommon in Canada, but it’s also not common at all, especially in rentals and the further north you get. I don’t think I’ve lived anywhere that has had it since we moved here. So it gets very uncomfortable sleeping under a comforter in the summer. I used to have a quilt but it was nearly 30 years old and was just done. I think this is gorgeous. I don’t think my green bedskirt will work with it, so I think if I do buy it I will also get this one.

Six. I am taking my cooler with me so that I can try some of the infamous Trader Joes frozen food items, and their dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

Seven. Nespresso pods.

Eight. Granola bars. If there is one thing that America does a million times better than Canada it is snack foods. Granola bars, yogurt cups, chip flavours (although all dressed is easily among the best and that’s a Canada-exclusive).

Other than that, and an oil change for my car, I’m really trying not to buy anything in February. I am sorely tempted by the Hill House Spring Drop, but I think I am going to try really hard not to buy clothes until May. Although if this spring-like weather keeps up (it is above freezing here, in February). And I really need to get a glass replacement for my French Press.

That’s it for February, a somewhat low-buy except for one weekend. Then March and April are going to be hard low-buys, except I may book some flights for all the weddings I have in the second half of the year to spread the cost over the year.


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