Mid-Week Procrastination: Vol. 18

I sincerely hope that none of you have anything that you need to be distracted from in this week between Christmas and New Years when time is even more of an illusion than usual. But I understand that some of you may be at work, or may not celebrate Christmas or New Years or neither!

I have had a great week off, I travelled home early enough to miss the chaos that the winter storm created and where my parents live wasn’t hit very hard. And I’ve mostly been relaxing, reading, eating, and sleeping ever since.

For the astrology girlies: general 2023 horoscope, romantic horoscope, career, and finance.

If you get bored during this slow week rather than thrive, here’s some things you can do in your down time.

How to do nothing.

You do not need to earn rest, you are already worthy of it.

Movies/shows to watch with your family, with options for every age range of family you have.

What to do when you are an angry-crier.

Affordable places for wall art. (Although I am leaning towards splurging on my undergrad friend Justina’s photography for over my bed).

The food post is dead. Long live the food post.

If you’re making resolutions: some tips to actually stick with them, without overwhelming yourself.

2023 trend predictions. And a reminder that the trend cycle is moving so fast that you should just wear whatever you like, want, and can afford.

The Cut’s 20 most read stories of 2022.

I bought this dress for NYE and had to return it as it is meant for smaller busts. But it is absolutely stunning and so soft.

I too have always imagined myself as an adult who wore lovely pyjamas and nightgowns (think Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer) and am currently not, but between this piece and re-watching Ghost Whisperer, I think I’m ready to make the investment.

The argument for renter’s insurance (this is on my January to-do list).

How to make the most of a bad gift.

Yes, you absolutely still need to wear sunscreen in the winter.

The year we all wanted to be fancy little bitches.

Madrid is in it’s comeback era.

I’ve always wondered if Taylor Swift’s The Lucky One was about Veronica Lake.

Faux-fur is back darling.

Non-alcoholic options for NYE.

Like this strawberry blonde author, I too love a lash lift and tint. I think it may be the ultimate ginger beauty hack (maybe for blondes too).

This velvet J. Crew dress is gorgeous.

I really enjoyed reading Meghan’s year in review post.

I had never heard of Kathy Whitworth, the golfer with most wins ever, of any gender, until her obituary. We have so many female athletes that are the best in their sport, Christine Sinclair is the footballer with the most goals, Serena Williams is the best tennis player of all time, Simone Biles, and so many of them don’t get the accolades they deserve until it’s too late.

This opinion piece kind of made me look forward to becoming invisible.

2022 (Taylor’s Version).

Practical reasons to be hopeful about 2023.

I’m an Obama really makes these lists truther.

Have a great rest of your week!


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