Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 17

I am travelling home for the holidays today, hence the late posting of this post. I will be taking the next week off completely and will return next Wednesday with another Mid-Week Procrastination, and some year-end posts to round out the year. I hope you have a marvelous holidays if you are celebrating, and if not that you make some serious cash if you like in a country that recognizes Christmas as a holiday and you are working it!

Greta Gerwig’s new Barbie movie and all the other articles and books coming out about Barbie are a reminder that is in fact a Barbie world. I enjoyed this piece going through the different Dream Houses over the decades.

And as if the Barbie movie couldn’t get any better, Helen Mirren is also in it?

Have you also been on the “chronically online” discourse side of TikTok?

This piece hit me where it hurts, I’m really grateful to have immigrated. Now. but being immigrated, rather than making the choice yourself is very tough.

New Year’s Eve outfit ideas.

I’ve been going back and forwards between Away and Beis for new luggage for months.

This essay about losing the artists that shape you creatively made me very nearly cry in my work cubicle.

How to financial plan your raise (I was hoping to be able to do this this week, but it still hasn’t shown up in my paycheque so I still don’t know how much my actual biweekly pay is going to increase).

Taylor Swift game that has been distracting me all week.

I think it’s super cool that such a large, Sephora-stocked brand (and Black-woman owned) is getting into the solid hair care game and I will definitely be trying the new Briogeo shampoo bar.

I love this Icelandic Christmas Eve tradition.

One of the items on my 2023 Shopping List is a simple, stunning, slip dress.

Mantras to balance gratitude and want.

I, for one, am really excited that the peplum silhouette is making a comeback. It really suits me and while it’s a bit weird and exaggerating, I think it’s fun.

How Doc Marten is still cool.

How the roll-out of King Charles on the pound sterling currency is going to go. Still no word on if Canada will be taking on Charles’s image as well.

45 TV shows coming in 2023.

Have a wonderful week and have a holly, jolly Christmas,


Gossip Girl (not really, it’s me as always)


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