A Week-ish in Outfits

Life has really been feeling like that Smashmouth song in Shrek, the years start coming and they don’t stop coming, except it’s the days. Life feels like a complete blur. I’m also very confused as to what life is in your late 20s, last weekend I went out both nights, and stayed out until 5 am and this weekend I slept nearly 20 hours between Friday and Saturday and cleaned out my fridge. Like what is that?

High: My role change announcement got sent out organization wide and I got so much positive feedback. From the important people. Which I really needed given how over-shadowed my first week in my new role was by drama.

Low: I realized how much time and money (not that much money, but still some) I spent on putting up Christmas decorations this year, and how little time I am spending in my apartment in December. I’m doing so much work travel at the moment, and then obviously going home for the holidays, and I’m going to spend like 6 total days in my apartment (there will be a pet sitter here every day I’m gone in case anyone gets any ideas). And I just can’t help but wonder, if decorating for the holidays when you don’t spend Christmas at your place is even worth it.


What I did: Worked from the office until about 2, then flew to Pikangikum, where I was supposed to spend the next two days working.

What I wore: Sweater – old – Joe Fresh, Pants – old – Joe Fresh. I really need to find another pair of work pants that are this comfy but are more flattering. Sometimes the hugeness works, but most of the time it doesn’t.


What I did: It was so cold in Pik that everything closed (-44C with the windchill), so we couldn’t do what we were supposed to, so we got flown out on Tuesday night instead of Wednesday, so I worked from the office Wednesday. And since I wasn’t supposed to be in the office, I had no meetings and was actually really able to get work done.

What I wore: Dress – old – Joe Fresh, Tights – Snag (although I think I’ve decided that I would like more sheer tights for this outfit).


What I did: Worked from the office, spent the whole day in meetings

What I wore: Sweater Vest – Joe Fresh, Body Suit – Amazon, Trousers – Joe Fresh


What I did: Worked from the office, packed for both work trips I have next week, fell asleep on the couch until 10am Saturday morning

What I wore: Sweatshirt – Prairie Harm Reduction, Jeans – Madewell (skinny jeans just work best for snow boot wearing).


What I did: Grocery shopped, finally tackled my “spare bedroom”/office/storage room that has become a dumping ground now that I’m no longer working from home, met with my new pet sitter before the holidays.

What I wore: Henley – old – Aerie, Leggings – old – Joe Fresh

Have a great week!


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