November in Review

I don’t have any way to prove it, but I feel like I must have set a record for places visited in the Province of Ontario this month, and distance traveled while staying in the province. I went from Sioux Lookout to Kasabonika Lake, back to Sioux Lookout, to Wunnumin Lake back to Sioux Lookout, to Toronto, back to Sioux Lookout, to Kitchenmayuhbkoosib Inninuwug (aka KI or Big Trout Lake), back to Sioux Lookout, to Kee-Way-Win. It’s been madness, it’s been fun, but I’m so tired. And it doesn’t really seem like it’s going to slow down in December or January.

My colleague and I were staying in a building called the duplex in Kasabonika and the heat wasn’t working. We were so cold, and I think I got sick because of it, then it was snowing the next morning and I just felt like I couldn’t get warm for days.

This is what we were doing in Kasabonika, one day in the health clinic and then in the Northern Store. I’m always itchy for days after talking about cockroaches and bed bugs.

I had been asked to take pictures of food in the grocery store, it was also how I noticed that strawberries are cheaper in Kasabonika than they are in Sioux Lookout. But this is what the chain of grocery stores in the fly-in communities’ Northern Stores look like. The produce section is pretty small, but a decent selection. Everything has to be flown into communities like Kasabonika, so it’s pretty expensive. It’s kind of like a department store, it has fresh and frozen food, batteries, home goods, even electronics and furniture.

I tried to do Aubre Winters’ Uniquely You two-week challenge, I found it hard to fit into my schedule, but I really liked it and I always love Aubre’s workouts.

The sky up here is always truly insane.

I finally picked up needlepoint again for the first time in months. It felt really good, and I bought finishing supplies on the way home from Toronto and I’m excited to teach myself how to finish ornaments and stand-ups.

There was a hilarious TikTok series about the different female vocal categories during the holidays, it was hilarious, but this comment made me cackle.

I don’t have room to lay out my products like this at home, but I love to do it in hotels.

God I love the city.

And Union Station, even if it is a hellscape to navigate.

I went to a spin class at Sweat & Tonic and to dinner at Sud Forno and I got this for dessert. I’d never had panna cotta before, it was so delicious. Even better than the tiramisu and I love tiramisu.

Our Lady CN Tower.

My flight back to Thunder Bay was actually so good. I got through security with just enough time to get Starbucks (I love their egg bites so much, and you can’t get them in the Safeway locations, which is the only one within a couple hours drive from where I live) and I had the whole row to my self, there was enough room in the overhead compartment to fit both my wheelie bag and my backpack, and they had the cookies instead of pretzels (I hate pretzels).

The school in Kee-Way-Win didn’t have great thermostat control and the gym was a sauna so they had the doors propped open and it made such a Canadian image, the hockey net to keep the dogs out, the sweat in the background, the snow on the ground.

I got this notification while I was in a volunteering interview (virtual) and I nearly snorted with laughter. WHAT kind of account is this?? (that is rhetorical, I know exactly what kind of account this is).

I’ve gotten back into CDs thanks to not being able connect my phone to my car’s speakers and I’m so enjoying album art and liner notes.

If this was a real festival I would sell a kidney to get tickets.

I hope you had an amazing November!


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