A Week-ish in Outfits

This was such a busy week, I was so tired by Friday afternoon that I could barely accomplish anything, so I reorganized my storage cabinets because it was all I was capable of. I’m starting to really struggle with the idea/reality that all of my mental, physical, and emotional energy goes into my job and no where else. I’m starting to explore options for other things, activities, commitments to prevent me from putting all my energy into work, while also still having enough energy to not pass out after I get home.

High: I’m feeling very connected with the team that I am doing the majority of my work trips with at the moment. We get on so well, and our trips are really starting to run like clockwork.

Also, how good my hair looks in all the pictures where I did it this week, dang.

Low: Basically everything else about work lol.


What I did: Went to work at the office, unpacked all the work stuff from the conference, re-packed for two community visits over the next two days into two different communities.

What I wore: Sweater – old – Boutique, Chinos – old – Joe Fresh


What I did: work trip into a community for fire safety activities with the school

What I wore: Vest – L.L. Bean, Pullover – Joe Fresh (mine is last year’s version), Jeans – Madewell


What I did: The same as Tuesday, but in a different community

What I wore: Popover – old – Lilly Pulitzer, Jeans – Madewell


What I did: Went to work at the office, unpacked from the trips, took my cars to get it’s winter tires on (finally – I’m so late this year)

What I wore: Sweaterdress – old – Joe Fresh, Tights – Snag


What I did: stayed in my pyjamas all day, started rearranging stuff so that I can put up my Christmas tree, watched TV

What I wore: Sweatshirt – Kiel James Patrick, Pyjamas – old – Joe Fresh


What I did: grocery shopped, had a volunteer interview, tried on potential outfits for our office Christmas party

What I wore: Coat – L.L. Bean, Henley – old – Aerie, Leggings – old – Joe Fresh, Boots – Sorel (mine are ancient, I’m very excited to have new ones coming this week), Hat – Outdoor Research (I only took this outfit picture like this because I wanted to document my winter outerwear).

Have a great week,


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