Friday Favourites: granola bars and Ohio??

This week is such a blur. I pet sat last weekend and left their house at 9 pm on Sunday night. Came home, meal prepped and packed, worked a full day at the office on Monday, flew north to work for the rest of the week in a northern community, been here all week trying to focus on COVID work but also needing to focus on fire safety, and then I go on vacation on Saturday. A blur.

On Tuesday night I slept over 11 hours. I had a splitting headache starting in the late afternoon and decided to lie down after I finished work about 6 and then I just decided to try to go to bed properly about 7pm. I woke up at 3:30 am briefly, but I fully slept until 6:30. And on Wednesday I felt so much better. Better than I have in months. It was incredible. I do not normally sleep well in communities, but I am sleeping like a log here. I love it.

Social Media Favourite: Olivia Muenter

Listen, any influencer that can convince me that I need to take a trip to Columbus, Ohio has to make this category. Olivia got invited by Bath and Body Works, which as an influencer who rose to virality by tipsy reviewing fall Bath and Body Works candles with her then fiancé, now husband, is a very on brand press trip for her. I don’t know if Columbus is actually that cute with as many good sandwich shops as she highlighted, or if she is just good at her job, but it seemed to be so cute, with many great bookstores, and many good sandwich shops. It seemed like a perfect little fall town, it seemed so autumnal and almost Hocus Pocus-y. I’m sold.

Movie/TV Favourite:

I have not been watching TV this week, the only channel available in my accommodation is some church channel and it’s not my vibe and I can’t figure out how to hook my computer up to the TV so I just haven’t been watching anything. The speakers on my personal laptop are terrible and everything is so quiet so I just don’t bother.

Podcast Favourite: U Up: How Secure People Respond to Rejection

Jared and Jordana usually have great, thoughtful and thought provoking conversations. But they seemed to take this one with a level of seriousness (along with their usual humour) that they don’t always exhibit in every episode. This is a Sunday Special episode, so it is shorter and they basically only read the one email and do a bit of a deep dive in their response to the one email. This email is really interesting, because the writer is so clearly in the wrong and is starting to be aware that her behaviour isn’t conducive to what she wants.

Random Favourite 1: Kashi Dark Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars

I don’t often buy granola bars, but when I do, I buy these. These are so good and they aren’t too hard. I don’t know if my mouth is sensitive or something, but a lot of granola bars hurt me to eat. These don’t and they taste great.

Random Favourite 2: My approaching vacation

I think this speaks for itself, I’m excited to be off work, I’m excited to see my grandparents, I’m excited to be at home. I’m currently a bit stressed about pulling it off. I am currently up north on a reserve and have to move out of the nursing station and do laundry, fly down, work the afternoon, unpack my work stuff and pack my personal stuff, drive down to Thunder Bay (over 4 hours), get a few hours sleep, fly to Toronto, have a layover, and then finally fly to Ottawa and then I am on vacation.

I’ll talk to you post-vacation at the end of the month!


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