Hill House Home Fall 2022 Drop

I think the fall drops from Hill House are my favourite drops. The classic Ellie dress is perfect for summer, but they do great fall clothes. The plaid skirt I got last year is one of my very favourite items of clothing.

I’m really excited about the knitwear. I also would love the quilt coats, but they are not warm enough for up here, and would have a really short season that don’t really make them the best place to invest my money this fall when I have so many items I need.

This was the first item that I was drawn to in the collection, I saw it in one of the teaser photos before these line sheets dropped. The cream Grandpa sweater is so gorgeous and it is the only item that I am dead set on.

I love a sweater dress, however I am on the fence about these because if I have learned anything about the mini-dresses of HHH is they are short. And it looks incredibly short on the model in the teaser image, so I’m uncertain.

I love the idea of this top, but I feel like it is something that I would buy and then feel self-conscious about actually wearing and then it just sits in my closet for years. I also don’t know if it would suit me or if it is too floofy.

This dress I am very excited about, it looks so cute, and very work appropriate, especially with tights and loafers in the fall and then with boots or booties in the winter.

In terms of prints I adore the green damask, but I don’t know if I am in love with any of the items it comes in.

I also am unsure if I will even get any of these items, I’m working in community this week, and depending on what is going on I may not be able to log on at drop time as is usually essential for shopping a Nap Dress Drop.

Best of luck Nap Dress Nation,


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