August Slipped Away

August is such a weird month, I think especially since I now live so far north and have such clear memories of how miserable I was this past winter August felt like there was so much pressure. To do things, to have fun, to go to the beach, to swim. But then it was also a terrible month weather wise, it was cold and rainy basically all month.

Also, August belongs to Taylor Swift, so if you aren’t familiar:

August 1st was a holiday, it’s just a random Civic holiday, I think of it like the bank holidays they get in the UK, the ones that they get just because, it just is a holiday. I went blueberry picking with my new friends. It was really nice, I’m more one of their friends and then she brings me into the fold, normally when drinking. It was nice to hang out with the other girls in the daytime.

The sunsets up here really are something else.
I mean look at this.
The afternoon light my apartment gets will never stop being a wonder to me.
I normally shy away from posting work stuff on here, but we got to do something besides COVID and it was very nice!

I was in this community, North Spirit Lake, last June and July and they were just starting to dig for this sport court (it’s a multi-sport surface) and this time I got to practice some free throws on it (I’m still much better at lay ups).

I pet sat my landlord/one of my bosses’ new puppy, it had been in the vet clinic suspected of marijuana toxicosis and they were very worried about leaving him with their 15-year old for the weekend, so I offered to take care of him and at one point this is how we spent a few hours.

I pass by this frequently and it always catches my eye.

DuoLingo always comes up with the most savage sentences to translate.

I’m so excited for September, I’m taking some proper time off work and going home and my grandparents are going to be over from Ireland AND I’m going to Montreal with some school friends and I am psyched, pumped, ecstatic.


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