A Week-ish in Outfits

I was quite bad at taking outfit pictures this past week, but as the renowned outfit repeater I am, I dove throw the archive of pictures I now have and found other pictures of the same outfits. I tend to edit these pictures the same way every week, so hopefully you can tell the difference, but if you can, that’s why.

High: Last week was rough, to the point that I messaged my work bestie (and becoming my outside work bestie too) about 3:00 on Friday afternoon saying “Instead of having a panic attack I’m going to get a coffee want to come?” and we sat on a bench outside the coffee shop for a bit and chatted and it was wonderful. And I nearly felt guilty about it, but I’ve been coming in an hour early most mornings for most of the past two weeks to try and get everything done, and not billing for it, so I’m not going to.

Low: Work, there have been a lot of communication breakdowns lately that are really impacting my and my team’s ability to do our work to the level we normally do and it is really frustrating.


So if you read yesterday’s blog post about body image then you know I have been rediscovering some of my wardrobe lately, this top included. When I bought it it was way too tight and I would have never worn it as a top alone, it was meant to be worn under a dress. It’s still too tight across the chest, but it fits properly across my abdomen now which is interesting.

What I did: Went to work

What I wore: Top – Hill House Home (on sale for nearly 50% off, and available in all sizes), Trousers – old – Joe Fresh, Shoes – old – Sol Sana


What I did: Went to the office

What I wore: Top – old – Talbots, Pants – old – Boutique (but similar here, my pair need replacing soon and I think I’m going to replace them with the ones I’ve linked)


What I did: Went to the office, packed for my pet sitting job, let all my current pet sitting clients know that this would be my last pet sitting job (nerve-wracking, but I feel great about it now)

What I wore: Blouse – old – Reitman’s, Trousers – old – Joe Fresh


What I did: Went to work , have coffee with a friend, started my last pet sitting job

What I wore: Dress – Hill House Home, Shoes – Superga


What I did: pet sat, slept a lot (it’s been a rough couple weeks)

What I wore: Workout top – old – Joe Fresh (other colours available), Leggings – Aerie

Have a great week!


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