Friday Favorites: She-Hulk, You’re Maintenance About, and Multiple Coffees

If last week hit me like a truck, this week hit me like a train after being hit by a truck. I covered for my manager for two days while he was away and omg I never want to do that again.

Social Media Favorite: Matilda Djerf @matildadjerf

Listen (read?), I am basic, I like what other girls like, and that includes the iconic Matilda Djerf. Her hair is just so fluffy and she seems so nice (and she never talks to the camera??) or does ads? Now that I think about her, I am genuinely confused about how she makes money, other than her very successful brand of clothing that I am sorely tempted by. She’s like Serena van der Woodsen if she was wholesome.

Movie/TV Favorite: She-Hulk – Disney+

I’m really enjoying this new Marvel show, which is slightly unexpected given that I have been feeling some Marvel burnout lately. There is just so much MCU content and has been for over a year. When WandaVision came out it was so exciting to have Marvel TV shows, now it’s just overwhelming. But I’m really enjoying She-Hulk, the episodes are so short and it’s fun Marvel, not serious Marvel.

Podcast Favorite: Maintenance Phase x You’re Wrong About: The Scarsdale Diet Murder

I started listening to Maintenance Phase because one of the (now former) hosts, Michael Hobbes, started it as a new podcast leaving Sarah Marshall to host You’re Wrong About alone. And while I love both You’re Wrong About with just Sarah and Maintenance Phase with Michael and Aubrey Gordon, Michael and Sarah are pure magic together. This podcast episode was amazing. I don’t know if it was the most interesting episode ever, but Michael and Sarah together was what my soul needed.

Random Favorite 1: My Nespresso Machine

I broke the glass part of my French Press a couple weekends ago, and have since been exclusively relying on my Nespresso for coffee lately. I especially love how easy it is to make iced coffees in the morning while it is summer. I’m fully in love with it.

Random Favorite 2: Nestle Instant Espresso Powder

The downside to a Nespresso is that it is not exactly portable, so I have been keeping this instant espresso powder at my desk and having it in the afternoons, Thursday in particular was a four coffee day. This makes the best instant coffee I have ever had.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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