End of Summer Bucket List

I am so nervous for summer to end this year. I have no concrete plans to leave the north yet (as in I don’t have enough money saved up nor a new job), so I am staring down the barrel of another Northwestern Ontario winter and I am terrified. So I want to eke out every last possible second of this summer, including into September.

Go for a night swim.

I went to the beach last weekend just on my own because the power was out and my apartment was so hot and the group of girls next to me were talking about going for a night swim that night and I was inspired. It sounds so fun (and kind of scary).

Have a beach bonfire.

I think this is an O.C./Laguna Beach holdover, but I have always wanted to have a beach fire. And not like a cottage beach fire, I’ve done that before, but a public beach fire and the benefit of this summer being cooler and wetter than last year is that we haven’t had a fire ban this year and I have yet to have a summer bonfire. Bonfires used to be such a big part of my summers and as an adult living in a town/city, you don’t get as many fires and I miss them.

Go to the quarry.

I’ve heard a lot about the quarry (and jumping into the quarry) from a few people this summer and I would really like to experience it. I have no clue where it is so I have to get people to go with me. And the benefit of these three is that they can probably all be combined into one night.

Have a Whitewater Brewery tasting.

My sister works for Whitewater Brewery, she’s their events coordinator, and in January when we were in lockdown she was doing virtual trivia and I got all my friends here in on it and we won all 3 weeks. So we have some gift cards to spend, and I’ve been meaning to host a tasting for my not-from-the-valley friends so that they can help making spending decisions. I actually ordered the beer on Sunday for it (you can sometimes get a good selection here in town, but not lately).

Take a Proper Summer Vacation

I don’t know if when I’m taking my vacation means that I can really call it a “summer” vacation, but I’m going home from mid to late-September and will be taking a weekend to go to Montreal with some of my girl friends. I’m psyched. My grandparents will be over from Ireland and I haven’t seen them since well before the pandemic and I miss them so much.

Try a New Summer Recipe

I’ve been doing Hello Fresh for the past few month and really liking it, but it does mean that I don’t pick any new recipes to try or really have to do any meal planning and I miss the creativity of it (but I don’t miss the decision making of it), so I really want to try a new recipe that takes advantage of summer produce.

Do you have any late summer plans?


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