What I’m Buying in August

I’m not buying much in August, I don’t need much right now and I’m going home in September and I’ll probably do most of my fall shopping while there. I’m also refusing to acknowledge the looming fall and winter, it is still summer goddamnit and I am going to eke out every last second. So I am not ready for fall shopping.

But there are a handful of things that I do need:

One: New Pela Phone case. My phone case is literally falling apart (has fallen apart), the card pocket has fallen off and the spot where I normally put my pinky to kind of hold up my phone while I scroll has fallen off. And I dropped my phone on Sunday night on my walk and cracked my screen (it’s not bad), for the first time ever. I have never cracked a phone screen before.

Two: Pela Canopy Screen Protector. My screen protector also needs to be replaced, but I need to double check if I have to fix my cracked screen before I can use it (just checked, you can’t, here’s the FAQ page). This stuff is nerve-wracking to use because it is a liquid but it seemed to work alright, I never cracked my screen until after it wore off. I also like that you can’t see the edges of the screen protector the way you can with the plastic or glass ones.

Three: Pela Phone Grip. This is like a pop socket but sleeker, I’ve decided to forgo the phone pocket this time and try for one of these to see if a) I drop my phone less, and b) if I can learn to hold my phone more ergonomically.

Four. Drawer pulls. So I refinished my dresser in July and I still have not gotten new drawer pulls for it and I really need them. I still can’t figure out which ones I want, although I think I have narrowed it down to black metal and they have to be 2.5 inches apart for the holes since I didn’t fill in the holes before I stained. So I have eliminated some options.

Five. Underwear. My underwear is looking rough. It is time. And I don’t want to admit it, but Ms. Kim makes some great products, Skims are nice, comfortable and supportive, colour me impressed.

That’s it for this month (let’s hope I stick to it this time, my net worth took a hit last month).


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