Saturday Scroll: 04/30/22

Sorry this is so late! I packed up all my work stuff from my pet sit and took it home, including apparently my personal laptop charger. So my computer died on Friday night when I was working on this. Then when I finished my pet sit and got home I stripped my bed and washed everything, cleaned the bathroom, dusted everything, swept my deck and path and put my outdoor mat out (!!), and generally released my apartment from the clutches of 2 months of barely cleaning’s accumulation of cat hair. And now it’s 8:30 on Saturday night and I’m just getting back to this.

After the week I’ve had, I’m definitely going to be watching from this list of the 50 best rom-coms.

How to leverage eco-guilt and avoid eco-shame.

I don’t really think I have the energy to do a Mother’s Day Gift Guide, and Mother’s Day and my Mom’s birthday are so close together that I generally combine them. So here’s a guide here and here.

Some of the oldest, and most beautiful still operating hotels in the world.

Ever since Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen I have been fascinated by Megan Fox.

How to address over-consumption.

And related, how to combat all the adverts, hauls, etc. trying to sell you hot girl summer, hot girl summer is free to anyone who wants it.

I’m tickled by this Tiffanys participation trophy.

No one on YouTube does a studio makeover better than Alexandra Gater.

Settling down shouldn’t mean settling.

What do you collect? (also, adding Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee to my Indigo cart)

An evergreen reminder about how to use an EpiPen.

A Met Gala theme explainer. I am super bummed that I am going to be traveling for work this week and will probably miss the live stream. I’m really hoping for Heavenly Bodies level glitz and glamour with a theme like the Gilded Age.

Coastal grandmother existed long before TikTok and will live long after.

You can stay at the Villa the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey inherits in the new Downton movie, if you happen to be planning a trip to the French Riviera.

I don’t have any weddings this year, but if you do, I like this guide for wedding guest attire.

This is in a US-context, but it’s a useful explainer of the impact that rising inflation can have on student loans.

I was really hoping that this weekend would be a big reset and then I would be back to my normal work-from-home, very occasional travel, but with a nice break. Instead, I am off on a work trip on Monday. I just need this pandemic to stop.


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