Friday Favorites: creepy TV and naps

It has been a week. I have been feeling very overwhelmed with work, pet sitting, and life in general this week and it came to a head yesterday when I cried at work by like 9 am, on a zoom call with my manager (I don’t think they could see me crying thanks to being backlit in my pet sit), then on an afternoon camera on call I suddenly had this overwhelming feeling that I was going to throw up so I picked up my empty coffee mug and discreetly threw up into it, and then sat next to it for camera on calls for the next hour and a half, and then I took a 2 hour nap. And then Thursday I got my period which explained all of it. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but everything about your period is worse with an IUD, the cramps, the PMS, all of it. It’s definitely gotten better as time has gone on, but it’s definitely worse than sans IUD. That’s probably TMI, let’s pretend that didn’t happen and get into the favorites.

Social Media Favorite: None at all

I’ve gotten some good laughs in this week at TikTok and such this week, but no particular creator is particularly inspiring me this week.

Movie/TV Favorite: The Capture

This show has popped up in my Amazon suggested for ages, and it seemed like something I’d like but I have a tendency to put off watching shows that I have a feeling I will like. I don’t know why.

But this follows a former soldier who was imprisoned for war crimes for wrongfully killing an Islamist combatant, he is let out of prison when the video evidence against him is proven flawed. Later that evening he and his attorney leave the pub they are celebrating at, he asks her out, she says yes, they kiss and then from his perspective she gets on the bus. But the CCTV shows him assaulting her, I haven’t finished it, but it does seem as if there is something going on with somehow editing live feed CCTV footage, creating evidence for crimes in the most heavily surveilled city in the world, London, England.

Podcast Favorite: You’re Wrong About: Medieval Torture

As someone who traipsed around several Spanish Inquisition torture museums during my time back packing this was a very interesting episode. It’s fascinating to have something so thoroughly debunked that you have actively consumed museum information about (and we generally assume that museums are fact-checked and research-based). Very well-done.

Random Favorite 1: My new sweater from Reitmans

This is 100% going to be my spring uniform. I’ve had these clothes since last Friday, and opened them on Saturday and I have already worn them twice. In particular this sweater.

Random Favorite 2: Naps

I’m not normally a nap person, but that nap on Wednesday completely turned my day around. I was feeling ill, sad, and generally off. I went to sleep on the couch and woke up and was productive. I folded laundry, made dinner, went and took care of Montana and took a bunch of stuff home. And my mood was way better after, I felt like I could think again. It was great.

Have a great weekend!


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