Saturday Scroll: 04/23/22

I think there is something about short weeks that have Monday as the holiday rather than those that have Friday as the holiday seem so much longer and more arduous. It just feels like there is so much more work, whereas when you week is ending on Thursday it feels like it is flying by. It’s probably that the excitement and the fun is coming rather than already done, but last week was much nicer than this week.

If I ever have designer money for clothes, not just bags (which last a lot longer than clothes and always fit), Rodarte will always be at the top of the list.

8 steps to start a project and actually make progress.

How do our phones distort our perspective?

How to get a job in a new city before you move.

How to recycle a whole bunch of different beauty, skin, and hair care products (including brands that will send you pre-paid envelopes to send your packaging to specialty recycling centres).

The impact of TikTok on the waste generation of the beauty industry.

Hobbies to try when you’re bored. That don’t involve scrolling TikTok for 3 hours (just me?).

Eco-friendly toothpaste options, I had kind of given up on these because I couldn’t find any with fluoride, but that seems to be changing based off this list!

My eczema is flaring up again, I had it well under control for such a long time that this feels so much worse than ever before, so all the tips please!

On setting better work boundaries.

A body skin care routine (maybe this is what my eczema needs, but I don’t think I can wake up early enough for this).

Carly would put together the best Coastal Grandmother style collage.

Social anxiety is going up as we re-enter society, what is it, how to identify it, and how to deal with it.

Does wearing a mask if no one else is actually help keep you safe?

A life story in perfume.

I am still pet sitting this weekend, but it’s my last full weekend, so I will be plotting what I’ll do once I’m back to my normal life. Although it will probably just be cleaning my apartment, if I’m being perfectly honest. I have a craving to act out one of those “getting my $hit together” YouTube or TikTok videos. It’s been so long since I was home for more than a couple days and I am ecstatic about it.


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