Saturday Scroll: 04/16/22

Happy long weekend everyone, we have a real confluence of Abrahamic religious holidays this weekend, so I hope you are getting to spend some time with your loved ones if you can, or just enjoying the long weekend. I was hoping to use Friday to get all my chores done since everything would be closed and we would be snowed in still, but I will have to go grocery shopping, take the cat to the vet, get the mail from my PO Box, and do any other errands today since everything is going to be closed Sunday and Monday, so it will be slightly less of a lazy Saturday than I had hoped!

These two needlepoint canvases in the cover photo are so exciting to me! So the @ndlptnation Instagram community started doing a White Elephant canvas search on the first of each month, and I had ordered these Princess Diana Warm and Wonderful sweater canvases in February 2021, and they never came, and the designer ended up closing their store. I got refunded via Etsy, but still I wanted the canvas. I had even considered painting them myself. But then I thought I’d try this out and someone got them to me almost immediately (not with the shipping from Texas to Ontario) and I still cannot believe I own these. I’m so excited to stitch them!

Coastal grandmothers is Nancy Meyers main character in Gen Z-ese.

Real, practical steps to reduce the amount of waste you produce.

I knew I would love Kacey Musgraves house

What does your ideal Saturday (the best day of the weekend) look like?

Is pay transparency the yellow brick road to pay equity?

Why Lizzo’s show is so important.

I have absolutely no use nor need for a knock-off of that Versace platform pump, but oh lord do I want one.

The Sweetest Thing is the Y2K fashion time capsule Gen Z has yet to discover. And one of the best movies of the early 2000s.

How to build a morning or nighttime routine that will actually work for you.

Speaking of morning routines, starting my day or working to a YouTube ambience room has really reduced how stressed out I get, whether I’m reading, cleaning, or working.

2022 travel trends.

It’s a short one this week, but I am currently reading Anderson Cooper’s Vanderbilt book and it is enthralling, cannot recommend enough.


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