March in Review

March has been a whirlwind, January and February seemed to go so slowly and then March zoomed by like Roadrunner in the cartoon. I have also been busier in March than in either January or February, which was nice. We also got a taste of warm weather, we call it Fake Spring, but it was still thrilling. I may have gotten a bit overexcited about it, but I do not care. It gave me hope, and this winter was bleak.

I was still in Mish for the first two days of March. I could have stayed longer to support them, but my normal job was screaming for attention, and I needed to spend some time at home. I was also starting a pet sitting job on Friday, and got home on Wednesday evening, so I spent about 30 hours at home between jobs.

This is also from Mish, Pickle Lake actually, but I was in the airport, flying home from doing a good job at important work, valuable work, reading a book as I waited for my flight, and I just felt this flood of pride and thought that my younger self would be really proud of us.

This, and a series of TikToks that have come across my FYP about your Irish ancestors watching you with your wheat, potatoes, and vegetables they’ve never even heard of and the wild luxury of it.

I had two pet sitting jobs back to back, and on the Saturday I was leaving my second job I went to Dryden for the first time since before Christmas and there isn’t a lot in Dryden, but it was really nice to have a change of scenery, and the Safeway had $7 per bunch hydrangeas, which are my second favourite flower (peonies are first), so I splurged and got 3 bunches of hydrangeas, and I just loved them so much.

Speaking of splurging, I also got croissants and tulips and set it up in a really fancy fun little breakfast for myself. It felt great.

I haven’t bought these yet, but I saw them on Facebook Marketplace, and I love them. With jeans and a white button down, with a ponytail? So cute.

I was so in love with the flowers. Obsessed.

Then I was pet sitting again, I had buttermilk to use up so I decided to make waffles to use it up and splashed out on fresh berries.

I had to laugh at this, Arnprior is really close to where my parents live and where I’m pet sitting has the this maple syrup in the fridge. You can leave Renfrew County, but Renfrew County will never leave you.

It has gotten colder since this photo, but it is really nice to feel somewhat comfortable on walks rather than immediately regretting leaving the house.

Related to warmer weather, I was starting to feel like lighter, fresher foods. Including, shrimp tacos.

On one of my days off I booked an appointment to get my face sugared, and my eyebrows tinted, and my eyelashes lifted and tinted.

We went to trivia last weekend and we won! It was great fun. I can’t believe that I have become the kind of person who wears snow boots out, but when the snow is waist high that’s who you become, I guess.

I hesitate sometimes about sharing the pets I pet sit, but he’s just such a little muppet.

My latest Sephora order, some skincare restocks (although I did just learn that L’Occitaine is entering into the “direct sales market” aka adding an MLM line), so even though I would only ever buy through the retail version, I know have to think about if I’m ever going to buy it again. I do love their hand cream though, it’s the only one that keeps my hands and my cuticles good. All the others will keep my hands decent, but my cuticles stay ragged. Then I tried the Ilia Skin Tint thanks to TikTok, and then I wanted to try some lipstick, and I was influenced by Carly to try the Rosewood shade, and a nude-ish shade.

Where I’m pet sitting had a Bundt pan, I don’t own one, so when I saw it in the drawer I texted my sister immediately and asked for Mrs. Tracey’s Bundt cake recipe. Mrs. Tracey was our kindergarten teacher in Tennessee and one of my mom’s best friends when we lived there. And she makes a great Bundt cake. By the time this goes live I will probably have finished the TikTok I made of making it, I’ll link it here.

Here’s to April, continuing warmer weather, more energy, and less stress.


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