Spring 2022 Sephora Sale

It’s Sephora sale time!

I have always thought that there is a privilege in being able to shop sales. Being able to afford to stock up on your normal products and try out some new things with less financial risk because you got 20 or 15% off. But you still have to have spare funds available to you to be able to shop sales.

So this year, the Spring Sephora Sale starts on April 1, for VIB Rouge Members, then VIB on April 5, and then Beauty Insider (the free, no spend minimum) on April 7. If you are a Sephora shopper, or you use makeup, skincare, and hair products from brands that are stocked at Sephora, this is a good opportunity to stock up on your normal products, or try something out at a slight discount from normal prices.

I actually pretty recently stocked up on my eye cream and Vitamin C Serum, because I was completely out and I couldn’t wait, so I don’t need a huge restock. However, I do have several things that I was influenced on, mainly by @geenahunt, we have super similar colouring to me, and her looks seem attainable, but stunning.


one// First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. This will always be in my bathroom, always. It is so soothing, so hydrating, and works for me in the summer and the winter.

two// Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm. I used to think that double cleansing was a scam to get us to buy more products. But then I realized that I was already buying an eye makeup remover and a cleanser, and a cleansing balm as your first step can both remove makeup and cleanse, instead of leaving you all oily across your eyes that then needs cleaned off. This leaves your skin feeling so clean, without feeling striped and dry.

New Products:

three// Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Medium Mini Set. Listen I know that Pillow Talk’s heyday was circa 2017, but it still gets recommended all the time. And I truly think that I am the last person to try it, even my Mom has tried it! I also like to try out the minis, I’ve never even used a lip liner, so this is all new to me, so I like to try out the small ones in case I hate it.

four// Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. This product is also every where. Apparently this is what you need to make your make up look “makeup-y” or “done”. Normally, I’m a natural make up fan, but sometimes you want to pop off with a makeup look.

five// Hourglass Velvet Story Lip Cream in Indulge. This is a Geena Hunt recco, and it looks so good on her.

six// Urban Decay Wild Greens Eye Shadow Palette. This is another Geena Hunt rec, and I also only use Urban Decay eye shadow, that is partly because the last time I bought a palette was the original Naked palette and I am still using it, but I love how buildable their shadows are. And Geena has a bunch of videos using it, so I have inspiration.

seven// Gisou Mini Honey Infused Hair Mask. Again, I really like minis, so I can really try it out. I’ve noticed a lot of breakage at my hairline, I think I might be causing some mild traction alopecia, and so I was in the damaged hair section of Sephora and I really like their hair oil so I thought I would give their mask a shot.

eight// First Aid Beauty Ingrown Hair Pads. Listen, I don’t know how I ended up on ingrown hair TikTok, but with summer coming, and hopefully a more social summer than last summer, I am kind of glad I did.

nine// Replica Mini Coffret Set. I am in particular looking to try Jazz Club, but I’m also interested in Beach Walk, I also like to have a bit of variety in perfume, but don’t wear it everyday. I work in health, I can’t always wear a scent, but I like to have options. I also get so scared to buy a scent online.

ten// Glycolic Acid 7% Exfoliating Toning Solution – The Ordinary. Apparently this is the solution for dark spots.

eleven// Biossance Squalane and Copper Peptide Rapid Plumping Serum. This one is on my maybe list, I’m intrigued by it, but I also don’t know if 28 year olds really need a plumping serum.

twelve// Fenty Gloss Bomb in Choc-lit. This is another rec from Ms. Geena, it looked amazing on her, and I was sold. I also just love Fenty Gloss Bombs.

thirteen// Biossance Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum. I might not know if 28 year olds need a plumping serum, but I am ready to try out a retinol.

fourteen// Make Up For Ever Artist Colour Pencil in Completely Sepia. Another Geena rec.

This is just my list, I don’t know if I’ll actually by everything on this list, it’s a lot of stuff, and I certainly don’t need all of it. Some of it will likely sell out in the first couple days when only the Rouge people have access, I have VIB, not Rouge, so there is a good chance that things will sell out and I won’t be able to get it all. That’s why I like to start with a big list and then work my way down from there.

If you’re shopping the Sephora sale let me know what you’re getting! And if not, I hope you stay strong in your decision not to, and I’m proud of you.

Happy shopping,


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