Saturday Scroll

I have not felt so much like “wow, I really needed that time off” since university. I am still tired, but I feel refreshed. Rejuvenated feels too strong, but refreshed feels okay. I actually feel like I can now tackle some of the things on my long “want to do” list, which is exciting! So this weekend I think I am going to start moving this blog over to (and correcting the humiliating spelling mistake in my url that I only noticed two weeks ago), something that has been on the want to do list for a couple months.

How to not get overwhelmed by the news. The past three weeks I’ve shared news about Ukraine here, so this felt important to share first.

Where to watch the Best Picture Oscar noms. And in new movie news, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is being made into a movie!

Look at this cat treat holder!

I have a Sephora cart full of items influenced by TikTok, and I’m not the only one influenced.

I think I’ve been in general burnt out, but normally by this point in the year I would be back on the dating apps, but I haven’t and this article expressed why well. But if you’re feeling up to it, this writer tested out 5 different apps.

Somewhat related, the timeline we create for ourselves is fake.

There’s going to be a documentary made about the rise, fall, and rise again of Abercrombie.

I love the idea of a “Gentle Reminder Calendar“.

This is a heavy read, trigger warnings all over it, but it’s an important read about the violence, physical, sexual, emotional, and mental, that Asian women face.

As a palette cleanser, who is Matilda Djerf and why is she all over my podcast feed and FYP the past couple weeks??

Why don’t brands that make plus-size clothes keep them in store?

The story behind the couple who invented tiramisu.

She’s my favourite Problematic Queen, I love these videos where they explain and discuss their looks throughout their careers.

This article only frames this issue in the context of weight gain, but it applies in both directions, the financial cost of changing weight.

The comments section in Grace’s blog post about hobbies is full of amazing ideas and discourse.

No one could recommend pieces for that “California Cool Girl” style than the queen of Laguna Beach, Lauren Conrad.

How to work with friendships where there are big income differences.

The list of artists whose albums I will listen to immediately is short: Taylor Swift, Adele, Kacey Musgraves, Harry Styles, and Maren Morris. Her latest album, Humble Quest, came out yesterday, and I haven’t listened to it enough to have full thoughts, but it is achingly beautiful.

Have a restful weekend,


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