A Week-ish in Outfits

So, I wrote a couple weeks ago about not being able to figure out why I couldn’t commit to taking OOTDs every day, in the larger context of a habit change, so I’ve decided to take the pressure off, by adding -ish on the weeks that I don’t remember to take an OOTD one day. I can’t figure out how to fully add in this habit every day so, I’m just adjusting the post until I can.

Also, please excuse the assortment of bad poses and worse lighting, I was pet sitting and their mirror wasn’t mounted on the wall and I couldn’t find anything to put it on that didn’t make it 3 feet in the air where I would have to hover to get the full outfit in the picture or keep it on the ground and figure out how to squat.

Monday // Henley – old (American Eagle), leggings – old (Joe Fresh), greasy hair – exhaustion and the panic attack I had that made me throw up ❤

Wednesday // T-shirt – old (Dex), Leggings – Aerie

Thursday // set – old (Joe Fresh). It feels so weird to call this old, I got it in December, 3 month old clothing is not old to me.

Saturday // Sweater – old (Talbots), Jeans – Madewell

Sunday // hoodie – old (Joe Fresh), tank – old (Joe Fresh) leggings – Aerie

My outfits when I pet sit really depend on the animal, Ava was shedding like that was her sole purpose in life and I didn’t want to get it in my good clothes. Montana’s hair is really quite enough. Also I know the outfit repeating is potentially reaching an insane point, but the snow is starting to melt and we’ll be reaching the point where I want to get dressed again.

Have a great week,


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