Saturday Scroll 03/12/22

Why Russia may win the battles, but can never win this war.

From the First Lady of Ukraine to the world. (I can’t actually figure out if they call them first ladies, but calling her the President’s wife feels gross).

What is Russia doing to the letter Z?

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I bought the Ophelia dress from Hill House. It’s very low cut and then also has a wide and low back, so I’m a bit stumped on the bra options. I’ve bought the Skims bandeau bra (just yesterday so it hasn’t come yet), but I’m also wondering if I might need to try boob tape and all of these tips.

It’s the 65th birthday of the classic two-tone Chanel pump.

So what is our denim doing this year??

Just when you thought there wasn’t a noughties trend that was left to be resurrected, LimeWire is making a comeback.

I have Veronique Hyland’s book of essays about the fashion industry and fashion history currently in my Indigo cart, and this essay about the myth of French girl style really makes me want to actually buy the book.

I very strongly believe that you need to live somewhere before you start to re-decorate it, here’s a list of reasons why.

Carly shared how she is using the Apple reminders app and I am feeling inspired.

I’ve never thought about what I would imagine Shonda Rhimes’s apartment to look like, but if I had, it would be this.

Making and keeping friends is harder than ever.

What is the impact of multi-tasking at work?

I am very intrigued by the walking pad and standing desk combo and all these options for working and moving.

This headline about Prince Harry’s (literal) first rodeo actually made me laugh out loud.

Spring beauty trends. I am finding myself wanting to get dressed and do my makeup for the first time in years, I might even play with eye shadow.

Good credit card habits to try out.

Now that it is starting to be a temperature where springtime me can tolerate having a window open I really want to re-finish this dresser that I bought off FB Marketplace, using these instructions.

I love this makeover, and the Fefe Dobson cameo is basically Canadian millenial porn.

Have a lovely weekend,


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