December in Review

The prettiest snowfall on the 1st of December

Such an opportunity to lean in to it and just call them BieberBalls like the rest of the nation did.

My favourite Christmas decorations, re-creating it next year should be interesting but the greens are very dead now and I’ll take them off before I put it away next year.
I had some indecision figuring out how to finish this, if it needed extra rows and if so what colour they should be.
I finally stopped in Thunder Bay to see the Terry Fox monument. If you aren’t Canadian, Terry was a young man who after losing his leg to cancer decided that he was going to run across Canada. He made it from the east coast of Newfoundland to close to Thunder Bay, nearly halfway, before his cancer came back aggressively and he ended up dying due to it. Now, every year schools and communities do Terry Fox Runs to raise money for cancer research.
My mum left up her lights over her patio and I just loved them.
I hammered out all the doctor’s appointments I could think of while I was home. No one ever tells you when you go to uni far away that that decision means holiday break Dr’s appointments for the rest of your life. Even if you get local docs, the timing will still be around the hols.
And hit up the local bookstore in Arnprior, called White Pine Books. If you are ever in Arnprior, Ontario this is a must stop.
I made myself take a picture this season

And then I wrapped it up by driving down to Guelph on the 31st, I’m staying the night here. It’s much less of a social visit than it was originally intended to be since everyone is either: too nervous to meet up (fair), recovering from their vaccine, or isolating due to exposures or illness. So it’s not exactly what I wanted, but I still am having a great time basking in the nostalgia. And I think I have found my next goal to work for. Do whatever I have to to get a job in public health here. I just love this town so much.

I hope you had a great December!!


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