(Hungover) Saturday Scroll: 01/01/2022

Happy New Years Day! Welcome to 2022. I hope you had a great night, and that you are surviving this morning. Or that you are chilling after a night in with a face mask, take out and in bed by 10 pm. I actually got a hotel room so that I could come down for a bit of nostalgia in my college town but I actually think that I might make this a thing for New Year’s Eve. It feels special, like you’re doing something, even if you are only eating take out in a hotel and drinking cava out of a styrofoam cup. Actually speaking of cava, was there some kind of champagne shortage this year? There was not a bottle of champagne in this town.

Figured I’d answer my own question, the champagne shortage explained.

And to move forward off that, what’s the difference between all the different bubblies?

TikTok is fashion’s crystal ball.

Season 2 of Cheer!!!

I am scared for January and February up north. Like very scared, partly of what my heat bill will be, partly of how cold and depressing it will be. I’m reading anything that claims to have tips.

I’m so excited to see adult Britney’s new work, whatever it is.

I didn’t watch Michelle’s Bachelorette finale, but I am shook that they gave them a (reportedly) $200,000 cheque for a down payment.

This is the absolute funniest year-end wrap up YouTube video.

Warm drinks for cold weather that I will be trying when I get back up north.

This author claims that she was told she has incredibly soft skin, I’m more interested in her tips for clearing dark spots on her legs.

Everything coming out on HBO Max in January (EEEE A Cinderella Story and the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary)

I absolutely adore Tinx.

This year in search made me weep.

“And lately I’ve realized that a lot of what made me unhappy during the pandemic made me unhappy beforehand, too.”

The greatest female Jeopardy contestant ever.

And if you feel like watching all of Golden Girls this weekend to mourn the beloved Betty White, it is available on Hulu in the US and on Prime TV.

I hope you have a great and restful start to the year, and the Monday scaries don’t hit you too hard.

Happy New Year and wishing you your favourite coffee,


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