Saturday Scroll: 12/18/2021

When this goes live, I will hopefully be well on the road on the way home. Editing Laura: I was on the road, that’s why this isn’t going up until Sunday evening. I didn’t finish this because I got busy packing Friday night, drove all day Saturday, and just arrived at my parents like an hour ago. I am very much looking forward to my first day of Christmas vacation on Wednesday (I am taking some vacation days to extend my Christmas holidays).

Maybe too late, but gifts for the book lover whose TBR pile is spreading all over their home.

I’ve never had an office job where we closed for the holidays before, so I will be applying some of these tips this afternoon, the physical cleaning, and some on Tuesday which will be my last day of work before the hols.

Meghan wrote a gorgeous guide to Christmas decorations in London.

I read this in one of my 3-minute phone times this week, right after a work briefing on Omicron. And I wept with a wide variety of emotions, largely mirth.

As someone who spent half the viewing time of The Holiday googling knitting patterns for Amanda’s cardigan when Jude Law’s Graham crashed into her life, this guide to recreating her outfits in the movie is impeccably timed.

Okay, so I was skeptical when Rachel got this apartment, it was so big and empty and the mirrors definitely made it look like a dance studio. And while it’s not my taste, it has turned out FABULOUS.

How to manage a ever-widening range of vaccination statuses.

DIY Cat Furniture

I’ve always loved setting the table, my mom started getting me to do it for holidays when I was a teenager, but when did it get cool?

Happy holidays!! I hope you had a good weekend!


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