Friday Favourites: 12/17/2021

This might be the last Friday Favourites I write in 2021. I haven’t quite decided how much time I am going to take off from this quite yet, this is supposed to just be for fun but it is definitely a fair bit of work to keep going and I do want to make at least some of my vacation an actual vacation. I’ve also been essentially barred from screens this week as I fell an hit my head, hard, at curling last Friday and my head has been thumping and the light sensitivity has been unbelievable.

Instagram Favourite: Meghan Donovan @meghandono

To be honest I haven’t spent much time on my phone this week, I was setting a time for 3 minutes every 6 hours to check my phone to keep myself off it as much as I could bear. Honestly, I was so bored. I am going to do a post on things you can do when you have a concussion, because it was unreal. Meghan Donovan of Wit and Whimsy is one of my favourite December content creators. I have been loving her holiday outfits, they are so simple but so festive and very achievable. Meghan also seems really, happy, at the moment which is radiating through her Instagram.

Movie/TV Favourite: The Wheel of Time

I did not expect to enjoy this, it’s the kind of fantasy that I don’t always enjoy, but this is surprisingly good. I also have not read any of these novels, which I normally like to do before I watch anything but I had never even heard of these before. But Rosamund Pike is brilliant in this, Daniel Henney is fabulous eye candy and quite good in it, and it’s so cool to see all the different races, asexuality, and queer relationships all over this. I have no clue if that is faithful to the books or not, but it’s done very well on screen.

Podcast Favourite: U Up: Does it Matter How Many People They’ve Slept with Before You?

This podcast was my introduction to Jared Fried and he has become one of my favorite stand-up comics, that sounds so pretentious, OMG. I love the questions they answer on here, I don’t always agree with the answers, which I think is one reason why this show is so good. Also, Jared and Jordana are hilarious together.

Wildcard Favourite 1: Tylenol

Did you know that you aren’t supposed to take naproxen or ibruprofen when you have or suspect a concussion? It can hide brain bleeds, so you have to be careful with it. I’ve never really been a Tylenol taker, we were an Advil family always. But this week Tylenol, curtains, and sunglasses got me through the week.

Wildcard Favourite 2: Amber’s Ginger Molasses Cookies

We got this recipe through a 4-H club and now they are a regular part of our Christmas baking. They are the only ginger cookie I even bother with. They are crispy and soft, sweet and spicy, just delicious. They are also one of the few recipes I have written down and don’t need a screen for, which is why they got made this week!

Have a great weekend!


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