Saturday Scroll

I feel like this week’s round up is going to be short, everything is very Black Friday and Cyber Monday focused at the moment and I’m not shopping this week so it doesn’t resonate with me much. Honestly, I probably would be shopping if I hadn’t spent so much money on my car this month, but I can’t and so I’m not torturing myself by consuming the sale content this season. I also always find myself struck by the irony of spending Thursday giving thanks for what you have and then shopping until you drop (and literally fighting people over consumer goods) on Friday. I have the same feelings about Christmas and Boxing Day. And I will fully admit to being consumeristic and loving consumer goods and shopping. So, look at my bank statement and call me a hypocrite, I guess.

Is nostalgia preventing the 2020s from finding their own identity (or did the pandemic do that?)?

Beauty tips for the lazy girls in all of us.

If any of my family is reading this, literally anything on this gift guide for bougie introverts would do.

I think I may finally have motivation to tackle my laundry closet. Of course I’m pet sitting this weekend so I’m not home.

The best thing about American Thanksgiving is Gossip Girl‘s Thanksgiving episodes.

Update your daily routine.

I really want to watch this series on the socialite grifter Anna Delvey.

Gift guide for the outdoorsy femme. This might be a very niche reference but all I can think about when I hear the word outdoorsy is that argument the twin brothers have in Princess Diaries 2 over one of them having a chalet and the other being a builder and they scream “outdoorsman” and “your houseman” at each other? Probably too niche.

I’m intrigued by Ashley Graham’s wellness habits.

This made me want to hop on a plane and spend the next year of my life meandering through bookstores. Instead I’m researching local bookstores in Ottawa and Toronto to hit up while I’m down south over the Christmas break.

Stephen Sondheim was interviewed by the New York Times for last week’s Sunday Times, since he passed yesterday, it became the last interview he ever gave.

The funniest gift guide I’ve seen this year; a gift guide for the cat mom.

Understanding the supply chain issues.

Have a great weekend,


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