Saturday Scroll: 11/13/21

Writing that date made me have one of those “I can’t believe it’s November!?!” moments! This is going up later in the day because my wifi was out all morning! This weekend also feels really off, I have no plans, which used to feel so normal. I’m not pet-sitting, and I don’t have any cleaning to do because I’ve finished the Fall Cleaning Challenge and I feel a bit at a loss for what to do.

The early 2000s are truly back, with the return of Avril Lavigne.

Blackwatch is my favourite plaid, and this dress and this dress look like a comfy, festive dream.

I love Carly’s write up of her and her husband’s joint parental leave. It seems very important given the conversation that has been happening in the USA around parental leave.

I really like the idea of planned procrastination. I am a procrastinator, I truly do thrive under pressure. I think that’s why I liked working in the vet clinic so much, 10,000 tasks, 20 people counting on you, sometimes literal life or death – I thrived.

How often should you work out? As I head back to the gym in this end-of-the-pandemic times I’ve been struggling to figure out a routine that doesn’t send me spiraling back into previous habits that were not healthy.

I love this idea, the dream wish list, it seems like such fun, so indulgent.

The stuff people have kept from their workplaces is wild.

I love almost everything from Madewell, if I could afford it I would probably exclusively shop from small, local shops, Madewell, J.Crew, Hill House Home, Tuckernuck, and Joules. Madewell’s winter line is so cute.

I shared a meme awhile back on my Instagram, that was about how embarrasing it is to be new at a job. Which one of my friend’s then turned into a question box where people shared what else is embarrassing for no reason. It was so fun and funny, So this Refinery29 about things that are embarrassing for no reason, and why they might be good for us, was really timely.

Why the hate-campaign on the internet and in the tabloids against Meghan Markle are about more than just her.

I really want to see the House of Gucci movie, but the real story it’s based on doesn’t even seem like it could be true.

There are new #SwiftTok theories that Taylor’s The Lucky One, is about Britney Spears, after years of rumours that it was about Joni Mitchell. Which still makes more sense than to me than Britney, because nothing about Britney’s exit from LA was lucky.

This Spicy Ginger Pomegranate Paloma sounds so amazing, if I had tequila in my cupboard I would make it today.

And to end your read with a cry ❤

Have a great weekend!


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