Winter Activities: Board Games Night

I am starting to plan a board games night for my new friends next week, but my board game stash is a bit thin. Pre-pandemic I was trying to thrift them, but then the pandemic happened and all the thrift stores closed and I wasn’t having anyone over to play board games with so it ceased being a priority. So I have ordered a few games and may stock up on a few more in Dryden this weekend or next week – but my winter snow tires are much more expensive than I was expecting so the budget this month is a fair bit tighter than I was planning for, and I used my savings to buy a couch so I don’t have those to fall back on. But anyways, on with the board games.

I currently own Clue, Dutch Blitz, and this game called Let’s F***ing Date (this one isn’t available online anymore, but the Rated X version Let’s F-ing F is)that is one of those Q&A games but the questions get more intimate or personal as they go on. I actually find buying board games in Canada to be a bit of a trip because all the ones I grew up with my parents either brought with them from Northern Ireland or we bought when we were in the USA, so they are all only in English. But in Canada everything is in English and French so seeing the French throws me off every time.

I placed an order last night for Jenga and Cards Against Humanity. So I’m starting to get the classics covered, I don’t really want Monopoly, not for a board games night, even though it is THE classic board game. It just takes so long and always gets heated. It’s good for a few people but not a party. So I guess what I’m saying is that I would like it eventually, but it’s not a high priority buy at the moment.

I am definitely a classic board games person, although I think Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme? are becoming classics. So the other classics I can think of are Twister *although I don’t know if I have the floor space for that one), Battleship, Guess Who?, Taboo. Oh, and of course a deck of cards, which shockingly, I don’t own. This is blasphemy in Canada. Also, you don’t seem to be able to buy a single deck of cards online??? Not sure what that’s about.

There are also a couple of new games that I have heard good things about; Exploding Kittens and Unstable Unicorns. I’ve never played either of them, so I can’t speak to them myself, but people kept talking about them at Thanksgiving, so they must be alright!

Also, I know I’ve done all Amazon links here, but if you have a local toy or game store please consider giving them your business instead!

Do you have any board games that you consider essential to a board games collection?

Have a great day!


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