Saturday Scroll 10/23

Honestly, the media this week is pretty lackluster, there aren’t a lot of good pieces this week. But:

Penn Badgley also thinks Dan Humphrey is the worst.

Joe Coulombe aka Trader Joe wrote a memoir, that sounds incredibly interesting from this synopsis, and I’ve only been to Trader Joe’s once!

I really wanted to go to Vienna when I was backpacking through Europe last time (I really want to do this again for my 30th birthday in a couple years, I feel like after 30 it starts to get a bit weird for you to stay in a hostel but I also want to do it with a bit more money than I had when I was 22), and Grace’s write up of her trip really sold me on it.

*sighs longingly*

AMC Movie Theatres are adding closed captions in 240 theatres across the USA! So cool!

I’m looking for a boot tray and winter rug that aren’t hideous. There actually aren’t a lot of blog posts on this, but this Apartment Therapy piece is the best I’ve found.

This week was Registered Veterinary Technician week, they might be known as Vet Nurses in your part of the world. Vet Techs make vet clinics run and they deserve the world (but they’d settle for more pay, vacation, benefits, and less mean clients). This essay about not asking Vet Techs why they aren’t vets is so important.

Hi, my name is Laura, and I am completely obsessed with Adele.

I finally joined the gym up here yesterday and this interview with Shay Mitchell’s trainer popped up in my Feedly. Very timely.

Related: can we exercise away our seasonal ennui?

I’m making this Half-Baked Harvest ramen recipe for dinners this coming week.

I heard about this on TikTok, but the Fine Art Museum in Vienna has joined Only Fans, because they are getting censored on all the other social medias for nudity and inappropriate content.

Now that my (thoroughly modern and stark white) couch is sorted, I’ve been looking for inspo on how to create my boho meets grandmillenial prep style come through in my apartment.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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