Friday Favorites: Reality TV, Ultra Repair Cream, and LL Bean Slippers

This week has been a whirlwind, it is the first week in ages that I cannot believe it is already Friday. It was nice to feel like I had a life again.

Instagram Favourite: @venturetravelist : Regan Cleminson

I started following Regan shortly pre-quarantine, but I also found her cycling and hunkering down and getting stuff done during quarantine to be very entertaining and inspiring. And while I love the travel content that is her bread and butter, her work as an influencer manager and the business of influencers is what I find most fascinating. I love that she will show contracts that she gets sent and language to look out for. I do think that influencers can probably be very easily be taken advantage of because any business when you are self-employed is valuable. Also, we chatted one day about whether vet med professionals should respond to the “Is there a doctor or medical professional aboard” and she was able to give me a straight answer on it, because it’s always something that I have wondered about. And the answer is basically, only if there is absolutely no one else aboard then you can let the flight attendants know and see if it is something you should try and assist with. Which I filed away under “useful to know” in my brain.

Podcast Favourite: Giggly Squad

This episode was so fun because Paige finally confirmed what everyone has been thinking for MONTHS – like girl, we all know why you were spending so much time in Charleston – but I’m so excited that she’s happy and she and Craig looked so cute at the Winter House event. I love love.

On another note, does this mean I need to watch Southern Charm?

Television Favourite: The Bachelorette, Winter House, and Midsomer Murders

I watched the first episode of Michelle’s season of the Bachelorette and it looks like it’s going to be excellent. I have a lot of faith in her as a lead, and to be honest, I would probably watch just to look at her arms!

So, in all honesty, I haven’t actually watched the first episode of Winter House yet, I had it in my head that it was next week for some reason so I don’t have my StackTV subscription prepared! But I am so excited for it, I’m also eager to see what Paige, Amanda, Ciara, and Lindsay’s dynamics are without Hannah, Danielle, and Carl. And what it is like with the Southern Charm people, which leads me to ask again: Does this mean I need to watch Southern Charm?

The way the trailer goes to Kyle after one of the Southern Charm guys says “dingleberries” honestly made my day.

And finally, my favourite comfort TV show of all time, the first 11 seasons of Midsomer Murders, with John Nettles as DCI Barnaby (I don’t like when the new guy very much). It’s just so soothing. I think it is because it was so often on the TV when I was growing up, and there is something about a British procedural and a cup of tea.

Wildcard favourite: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

This is the best moisturizer I have ever used. It’s a fantastic cream, it does not bother my eczema, in fact it soothes it. It keeps my skin moisturized in the driest of winters. Truly a superb product.

Wildcard favourite: My LL Bean slippers

My mum got me these last year for Christmas and they are amazing. They are so warm, I love that they have a proper sole. I try not to wear them outside, but I really love that I can when I’m running out really quickly for something. And again, they are so warm. When I’m working from home I wear them basically all day. They got a bit chewed on by one of the dogs I was pet sitting last week and I dumped nearly an entire latte on them once and they honestly still look very good.

I don’t have any pictures of them I’m not ashamed to put on the internet (because I look like a bag lady), so please accept this stock photo. Although mine are a deep purple colour, that it doesn’t look like they sell anymore.

L.L. Bean Shoes | Ll Bean Wicked Good Scuffs Slippers 6 | Poshmark
Image via Google Images.

I also have a very excellent weekend planned, I bought a house off Facebook Marketplace and I have help to bring it home on Sunday and I will be going to see Shang-Chi this weekend because it has finally come to a theatre near me! I cannot believe that I have managed to avoid spoilers (beyond that the dad is hot) for so long!

Have a great weekend!


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