The SSB: Secret Single Behaviors

If you watched Sex and the City you will have heard of it (it’s season 4 episode 13, if you aren’t familiar), but basically they are things you do that you can’t do around other people because they will judge you for them, or even if they won’t judge them you feel embarrassed to have someone else see them. But when you’re alone they’re the thing that you cannot wait to do.

I feel like mom’s probably have more appreciation for secret single behaviours, and after a year and a half of living alone in a pandemic I am in need of new ones but I still love to hear about what people’ are. There’s an entire reddit thread devoted to them and I really love this HuffPost article, god people can be gross.

Binge-watching true-crime adjacent documentaries and docu-series.

So I have no shame over my interest in true crime, however it’s the weirder one that I watch on my own aren’t the ones about actual crimes. But the ones where it is in that grey area of legality. Like LuLaRich, which I am watching the fourth episode of right now as I write this. What LuLaRoe did and what all MLMs do isn’t illegal, but it’s definitely not ethically correct. I find watching stuff like this, where people who have completely drunk the Kool-Aid and that like interview format where you have people from different sides of the debate each speaking and telling their story and how easy it is to believe that this will be it. We all want to be successful, and we have all been told that money is the path to success and so many of us want to believe the best in a person and a company and believe when we are told that they also want what is best for us, that we can get rich and be successful easily that we will ignore red flags and warning signs to believe.

Also TV/movie related: musician documentaries

So this isn’t that embarrasing when taken as the whole genre, however, specifically I mean young musicians, like last year’s Shawn Mendes documentary. Like he is way too young to need a documentary, it’s like he thinks that his career won’t last long enough to have a documentary about him when he’s 70 so he’s doing one at 20. It’s fascinating. But I’ve also been made fun of for watching these, so I do it on my own.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on

Legs Up

So Tinx has made this officially a thing, but I like to sit in my egg chair and sit so that my back is on the seat and my legs are up near the top of the chair for hours. I don’t know what it is about this that is so soothing and relaxing and extremely comfortable. However, having your feet up in the air in front of other people is kind of weird.

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Hoover Junk Food

There is something about being alone that gives you license to whatever you want and however much of it you want. It’s comforting, and combine it with one of those things you like to watch when you’re alone and you have a perfect night in alone.

Popping pimples/ elaborate skincare

I mean this is self-explanatory, but as an adult most of my acne is on my chest not my face. So time spent picking at my chestne is time well spent to me. Also face masks and multi-step skincare routines.

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Now I know that almost everyone is on TikTok nowadays but the hour I spend on it lying on my bed with my legs up on the wall is fantastic.

Plan trips

I like to come up with really elaborate trips in my head, or even plan them out and create an elaborate excel sheet planning out the trip. I love traveling by myself and I think this is an extension of that.

Writing those out actually makes me feel like they aren’t that embarrassing, except for the pimple popping, so maybe they don’t need to remain secret single behaviors.

Do you have any secret single behaviours?


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