Friday Favorites

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you can’t focus on anything and you have a ton to do but you can’t focus and so you aren’t getting anything done? I just feel like I’m drowning in everything and can’t focus enough to find the light and swim to it. It hasn’t been a bad week, just overwhelming. Luckily, this blog and particularly these Friday and Saturday blog posts are kind of a soothing, coping mechanism. And I went for an amazing walk on Thursday night and had an exhilarating experience shopping the Hill House drop. I had never done anything like that, not even for concert tickets, where I was waiting and watching for the timer to go down and sitting in the pre-drop room with thousands of people who all want the same thing. It was fun!

Favourite Instagram: Briony Douglas @briony

So I feel like the fact that I just followed her makes me a bad Canadian and an especially bad former Torontonian. She’s a Toronto based visual artist who does super cool work and this week got alerted to the fact that her apartment was flooding during this week’s thunder storm by her pug, Gucci. She’s a really fun follow and so stunningly gorgeous. She also makes me want curtain bangs really badly.

Also, her Billie Eilish paint chip art is inconceivable.

Favourite TV show or movie: Person of Interest

I remember watching this live in university, but I don’t know how because I never had cable or anything in school. But it popped up on Amazon Prime this week and I remembered enjoying it and early Taraji P. Henson is in it and it’s really good. Basically post-9/11 a computer engineer and his best friend got together and created “The Machine”, it monitors all communication any American makes and determines if they are a terrorist threat. However, they started to get bothered by the chatter that was threatening to innocent people but was deemed irrelevant by the computer because it was murder, kidnapping, or something else, but it was terrorism. So one of them goes off the grid and finds a former CIA-operative turned unhoused person and together they work secretly to try and prevent people from getting hurt. I feel like I remember it getting weird, like Scandal in the cabal era, but so far it’s in the “Big Bad of the Week” phase and it’s enjoyable. And Taraji is just as fantastic as always. Also, Veronica Mars’ dad is the villain.

Favourite Podcast: Bad on Paper: A Check-In on Our 2021 Goals

So I know that I have had this podcast in general before, but I love this episode. I love goal check-ins a lot and I think it’s a clear that I really love Grace and Becca’s banter and chat. It’s like hanging out with friends.

Random Favourite 1: This sunset/walk.

The Cedar Bay Conservation Area has become my favourite place to walk up here. It’s close enough that I can walk there and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Random Favourite 2:

Eggo Chocolate Chip Waffles

Straight crack. That’s really all I have to say. Except maybe to ask: am I a psychopath for toasting them and eating them dry? I think this is leftover from high school when I wouldn’t leave enough time for breakfast and my mom would force me to eat something.

Have a great weekend!


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