Wednesday Wants

So this is one of the ideas I came up with last week when instead of writing a blog post I spent my allotted “blog time” rethinking what I’m doing with the blog and what’s been “performing”. I kind of don’t like that I care about what’s performing when this was supposed to be a personal project, but I do! I’ve also been reflecting on my no-buy month as it comes to a close (literally today) and the way that I’ve been writing down and paying attention to the stuff that I want to buy throughout the month and I’ve also been wanting to talk about shopping and clothes and stuff that I like that is superficial but haven’t wanted to do it in a way that feels influencer-y or advertisement-y. Because I don’t have any sponsors or anything so this is literally just stuff I organically want and either talking myself into or out of buying it.

What I want this week:

Coloured Pens:

So last week in my brainstorming session I took just a plain lined notebook and listed out a content calendar literally until next February. I don’t have content planned for every day until next February yet, obviously, but I finally feel like I figured out a plan/ content planning system that will actually work for me and I have been struggling to do since I started doing this and taking it seriously. BUT what I was struggling with was I like colour-coding. I wasn’t that girl with those colour-coded notes in school, but I tried and I want to have it a bit more colour coded then it currently is. So I really want some new coloured pens.

This is the Staedtler Pen Set of my dreams. This is like getting the 100 crayon pack with the sharpener in it (which I never did lol, that was for rich kids). I also have Staedtler stuff on a pedestal, I don’t know why, I just have them in my head as the very best.

I’m leaning to the Staedtler Pen set, they’re cheaper, I clearly have an obsession with Staedtler and look at all those colours!


So story time no one asked for. In Tennessee we called these planners and in Ontario we call them agendas so my brain has a full-on glitch every time I need to name this item. BUT I’m running out of pages in my planner because it’s an academic planner and goes from September to September and I have been using Lilly Pulitzer agendas for years now but I don’t live close to the only Lilly store in Canada anymore so I can’t just pop in and grab one so I don’t know if I should get a more serious one, I also want one with a slightly different layout. Maybe times on the weekdays? I don’t really know.

Okay this agenda is so chic. It’s a very similar layout to my Lilly Pulitzer agenda and as I said that isn’t really what I want. So idk. I do like that it isn’t spiral bound so it can’t get caught on stuff in my backpack.
This is soooooo pretty, but they don’t have pictures of the inside. But it’s soooo pretty.
So this is just a plain black Moleskine planner, but I really like that it has the week on one side and then just a note page on the other side.
And then I’ve just been wondering about getting a plain notebook and just writing a list each day, but I’d be worried about forgetting something scheduled far in the future. So lists are my jam, but I’m not certain about them for long-term planning. Which may be why the agenda/notebook combo above may be the best option.

Office clothes.

I may have left this one too late, but we go back into the office next Tuesday and I am feeling nervous about my wardrobe. I’ve literally never been in an office full hours, 5 days a week and I’ve been working here for over 6 months and I haven’t been to the office yet. I don’t think I have enough bottoms to get through the week without wearing heels. Which I don’t think this office is fancy enough to wear heels. I also don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on an office wardrobe, but this is what I want lol, not what I’m actually buying.

  1. J. Crew Green Pants 2. ADORABLE J. Crew Sweater Dress 3. Old Navy Pixie Pants 4. J. Crew Skirt 5. J. Crew Plaid Pants 6. J. Crew Ruffle Trim Shirt 7. Talbots Ponte Pant 8. Talbots Glen Plaid Pants

I cannot afford that sweater dress but it is soooo pretty. If I don’t end up buying something in next week’s Hill House Nap Dress drop I’ll probably get this drop. I’m definitely going to get a pair of Pixie Pants, they are so comfy and they just so handy as a base for outfits.

I think that’s enough for this week. Although this is serving the purpose I want it to, this would probably be my whole paycheque if I actually bought everything I wanted and this made me stop and think about it and not fill my cart just to close the tab.

Also, this week has big back to school vibes with going back to the office next Tuesday (the day after Labour Day) and new clothes and stationary on the mind!


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