August Camera Roll

I used to clean out my phone weekly. Delete all calls, texts, photos, etc. every Sunday. It was partly because my phone didn’t have enough storage and partly to start each week fresh. I haven’t been doing that since I bought myself a new and up-to-date phone for Christmas last year (I desperately needed a new phone, I just needed the holiday to justify it to myself) and I haven’t been doing it since then. I also find it easier to edit and upload photos into Lightroom and onto here from my phone and I never want to delete photos in case I need them for a post.

I was trying to recreate my birthday dinner from Tomlin in Thunder Bay. I was missing the crucial sauce that I couldn’t figure out that was so good.
A mood for my no-spend month.
I think it is absolutely hilarious when my cat watches TV
I’ve been trying to get up a 6 a.m. every weekday morning to practice for when we go back to the office next week and to have more time each morning. This was one of the days that I was actually successful at it.
An ugly but classic summer dinner.
I finally finished another needlepoint instead of just letting it sit in a ziploc bag. You can see the details on this blog post.
Smoky sky sunsets
I finally have a proper handle on my great-granny’s soda bread recipe and I feel like I’m doing my family proud.
I do kind of hate these curtain over the sink, I just think they aren’t that sanitary, but I do love the way they look floating in the wind.
We have had some truly great rain storms this month.
I’m normally on the “August is too early for pumpkin drinks train” but now that I don’t live close to a Starbucks I’m definitely going to be getting one every time I’m in a town with one, so it will be like 4 times over the season.
The “Tom Daley, Tom Weekly, Tom Monthly” and “my hips lie” comments were hilarious.

It was a relatively quiet month between doing a no-spend and not having a car for several weeks. But I think September will be a much more exciting month.


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