Mid-Week Procrastination: Sad/Mad Girl Fall, Back to School, and back pain.

This week has been a struggle. I pulled a muscle in my low back exercising on Sunday evening and good Lord. I can barely move. It is definitely better today (Tuesday at time of writing) than it was Sunday evening and Monday, but I’m hobbling around my apartment essentially bent in half. I had to randomly stand up throughout my work day on Monday, when of course I had camera-on meetings all morning, and I would just haul myself out of my chair randomly and lean on the desk to relieve some of the pressure. Then today I was feeling totally fine (well a little sore, but totally fine) and then I stood up and it was like I had just pulled the muscle all over again. I have gone through an entire box of icy-hot patches in the past 36 hours. Anyways, I have figured out a comfy position in my egg chair and let’s get into the procrastination.

I love this post about secret dinners, it reminds me of that Sex and The City episode where Carrie is writing about secret single behaviours. The things we do and eat when no one else is around.

I have always wanted to have a proper suit, not like a boring office suit, but like a red carpet style suit, sleek, sexy, and dripping with power. Here’s how to get one.

We have a release date for Kacey Musgrave’s new album and I need to prepare everyone for it to become my entire personality. Between Star Crossed and Red (Taylor’s Version) we will be working on alternately sad/mad girl fall.

I love Anthropologie’s denim line Pilcro, they are so comfy and I have yet to find a pair that doesn’t make your butt look good.

A super cool weekly email newsletter detailing the history of one notable historical woman each week .

I love this essay of responses you can use to respond to negative body-talk.

Coco Chanel is the French fashion designer that we spin tales about, but the Dior family is fascinating. They were actively involved in the French resistance during the Nazi occupation of France and are rumoured to have employed Jewish French people in their atelier and smuggle Jews out of France to help them escape the Nazis. So this biography of Catherine Dior, the famous Miss Dior herself seems super interesting.

This piece about scheduling everything is very me and my Virgo moon, my routine is in my calendar and time-blocked off so that I don’t skip things like hikes, workouts, and rest.

I was trying to find the Parts Unknown episode where Tony was in Dublin to remember the name of a restaurant I ate in for my Ireland Travel Guide that I am working on (it’s a lot of pressure writing a travel guide for a place you’re from!) and instead found this!

I am very sad that my prime going out years (and locations) were after the years of the best going out tops (instead we wore business casual, what was that??).

This is a very interesting article about people who sneakily got a second remote job while working from home.

I am starting to get nervous about going to the office. It’s like going back to school the first year we lived in Canada, I don’t know a soul and it feels like there is all this pressure, even though not knowing anyone means there are no pre-conceived notions about me but still very very nervous. So here’s another article about back to work!

I need to start buying lottery tickets so that I can actually do the road trips of the Northeast US and the Northwest US someday. Meantime, I’ll continue daydreaming about Newport, Kennebunkport, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Cape Cod, etc.

I love these Etsy finds that Carly shared last week!

I really loved this episode of Bad on Paper and I am so glad this podcast is back. I missed it when they took July off!!

Have a great rest of your week!


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