Mid-week Procrastination: Bean Crime and Fall Plans

It has been a busy week already! I write these posts Tuesday evenings and if I could get up earlier I would write them Wednesday mornings instead because mid-week energy on a Tuesday evening is very different than the mid-week energy of a Wednesday morning. But this week has felt chaotic, I feel like I’m treading water with projects at work, just like barely keeping on top of things, and then I decided to start a TikTok series (and apparently recording TikToks, I had literally done only one before last week) answering all my own questions about Canadian politics/government/and policy in preparation for Canada’s election on September 20, 2025. And making TikToks is a lot of work! You record them and then you edit them and then if your TikTok doesn’t have auto-captions then you upload it into a third-party app for captions, then you upload to TikTok and edit some more. Like it probably takes an hour to make 1 TikTok, and that’s just the filming and posting, that does not include the research I put into these because I don’t know the answers to these questions. That’s the whole point of this series, so I have to figure out the answer before I can make the video! I did not know what I was signing up for.

Let’s get into the distractions:

There was a horrible criminal incident in the UK last week, this isn’t it. Brits love their beans on toast, on cars not so much.

So far it really seems like I will be moving to the office on September 7th, it feels like going to a new school, so these lists of fun office supplies and school supplies will be useful (although I’m holding off until my no-buy month ends and we get closer in case it gets pushed again).

I took photography in high school and would love to get my hands on another 35mm Pentax camera, so I’m brushing up a bit while I continue my eBay stalk.

CabinCore is 100% already my personal style and I am pumped to be cool for like 2 weeks this fall.

I followed nearly every Instagram account on Meghan’s list of Paris Instagram accounts.

Alabama Rush took over the internet last week. If your a Canadian going through recruitment and it scared you you can check out my blog post here about Canadian recruitment!

Julia Berolzheimer recently went to see her sister in Ireland and I am so devastatingly jealous, but of course her wardrobe as absolutely perfect and I want it all.

I am ruthless with my unfollows and mutes on social. If I am getting annoyed, or I always skip your stories. Goodbye, I wish you the best. Hate following is unhealthy, that is my soap box.

When I started this job, I bought some office clothes but they are pretty spring/summer because it was in March but I haven’t been to the office yet and won’t be until September. Some of them will still be fine, but I definitely need a few more options. Carly’s work from anywhere post is going to come in clutch.

My screen time is honestly starting to alarm me and it’s not going to get any better with this new TikTok series. I’m definitely going to be implementing some of these tips.

When I was 13 my mom told me I didn’t wash my face properly and clearly that has stuck with me, so Grace’s blog post is definitely a balm to that insecurity.

Britney is 1 step closer to freedom!!!

This episode is maddening and soul destroying simultaneously.

A collection of fall plans v Delta variant memes.

I can’t afford any of these fall clothes or this outfit but I want all of them. I follow Julia for the aspirational vibes only.

I’m not sure if it’s that I’m a prep, Taylor Swift, of Kiel and Sarah Patrick but I would love to go to Newport, Rhode Island, Meghan didn’t help.

There are no eyebrow places anywhere near me, for hours. So I’m going to try and do them myself and follow Grace’s guide to shape and tint them.

Alright well I’m off to go drape the tea towel I put in the freezer between my boobs. Bye!


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