Obsession: August 14

Professionally, this week was very overwhelming, I’m really hoping that after forest fire season things tone down for a bit at least, but probably we’ll just get straight into ice and winterstorm planning and the fourth wave of COVID so ugh. I’m glad to be busy and not bored, but building a department from nothing when it’s just you and your manager and not the 8 people that are supposed to be on your team is stressful!

Instagram Obsession: @parisinfourmonths Carin Olsson

She has been my Instagram obsession before, but this week I would go back through her stories over and over just to rewatch the beautiful images and videos she captures. Her feed is beautiful, but her stories is where the magic happens. Her eye is the way I strive to see the world. She sees beauty in everything and will film short clips of a couple swinging their hands between them as they walk, someone hopping up on a wall and kicking off their shoes, waves going in and out. It’s the simple parts of life that are so beautiful. People being carefree and enjoying their lives and nature weaving and flowing as it’s meant to. Why am I crying right now???

I don’t necessarily follow her for her fashion content (I’m sorry Carin, if you see this!) but I respect it because it is well done and it pays her for the beauty that she captures for us for free.

TV/Movie Obsession:

Until last night I hadn’t been watching that much TV or movies. I would scroll and scroll and then turn the TV off and stare at it. But last night I started a dance movie marathon (blog post definitely coming soon lol – it’s a ride) and while I put Burlesque in the “borderline bad” category I love the movie Burlesque. I mean a) Christina Aguilera and Cher b) Stanley Tucci c) Kristen Bell as the antagonist d) girl power e) it fully leans into how campy burlesque is and doesn’t try and make it overly serious and f) my favourite former Dancing with the Stars pro Julianne Hough! It’s just a fun time.

Podcast Obsession: Dark History

I am an Apple Podcasts girl, I know that you can find them all nearly everywhere (although I don’t really understand how Spotify exclusives work tbh because aren’t they still on Apple?) but I started listening to this one of Spotify! I have never watched them, but her YouTube videos have popped up on my Facebook before, it’s the girl (Bailey Sarian) who tells true crime stories while she does her makeup, if you know her. But anyways the premise is that she would find all of these crazy history stories while she was looking for new true crime stories and they aren’t true crime but they’re bananas.

I’ve really liked them all, but I think my favourite is the Andrew Jackson episode, because most of my school history classes were in Tennessee, USA and AJ being that state’s only federal president he is taught as a point of pride and they leave out how racist and just generally terrible a person he was (he literally murdered and dude and still got elected president!) and while she doesn’t go much into what he did as a president, the back story of how he got there and how he was a terrible person his whole life, not just politically and as a slave owner is really illuminating.

Random obsession 1: The furminator brush

If you have any kind of furred pet with an undercoat (this isn’t for curly or wire-haired pets) you need this brush. The crud it pulls out is almost unbelievable. It works so well. Especially, if your cat is getting older or fat and can’t groom as well. Do be gentle with it, the teeth are pretty sharp and you can scratch their skin with it and cat skin is surprisingly fragile and easily tears. It’s pricey for a pet brush but it works better than absolutely anything else.

FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs
Image from Amazon.com

Random Obsession 2: Good Juju Laundry Strips

These are concentrated and dried laundry detergent strips. They’re like the Tru Earth ones that are all over my social media ads, but in my opinion they smell way better. Laundry strips are definitely my favourite low-waste laundry detergent option. They are super light and easy to carry and they are just as easy to use as a laundry detergent pod!

I got them at Clay Moon Co. in Kenora, but I found them online here and they have an unscented version if scents bother you! But I find it to be very light.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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