Mid-Week Procrastination

It has been a busy week! I didn’t sit down last night until 9:30! Today I am working at a COVID vaccination clinic, I’m super excited not only to help people get vaccinated but also to see humans! In person! And have interactions! It’s so exciting!

Aly and AJ have a new album out and I am so excited for it! I love the first single from it Pretty Places and I obviously completely freaked out when they released the explicit version of Potential Break-Up Song.

It is so cool to hear them come back and be free from the rules of Disney and how their voices matured. Also they are so sassy on social media, they were doing a Q&A and someone asked how they met and they were like well we’re sisters soooo.

This piece about how quitting a job that isn’t serving you (if you can afford it) is self-care.

Equestrian fashion is back in style and this preppy horse girl is thrilled. I mean it’s already how I dress so it’s nice when your wardrobe is in style.

The Met Gala is back! This is the only celebrity event I care about or I think matters. It is creativity and artistry, which is what we really want from red carpets.

Workout brands are starting to think about transitioning the popularity of the 30 minute at home workout to studios as (other) places re-open and I am here for it. I really lose steam from about minute 40-55 and ride the struggle bus through that bit of the workout so I am very okay with a half hour workout.

I love Meghan’s apartment tour! It’s so pretty and inspiring for what I would love to do with my space. Although it does remind me how glad I am to not live in a studio!

This list of cocktails bartenders think we don’t order enough, although this is probably an old list because I doubt any current bartenders would include an Aperol spritz!

Footage of the Notre Dame restoration.

On why wholesome is trending.

I hope you have an amazing rest of your week!


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