Spring & Summer Bucket List

I have so many plans for the summer that it makes doing a bucket list feel a bit greedy, but if I have learned anything in the past two years it is that to live up here you have to soak up every possible second of sun, warmth, and joy of the summer because it only lasts a few months and then you have 7-8 months of winter to get through before the next warm day. And trust me you need all the Vitamin D possible to get through those months.

So this summer even though I have all these big plans, I also want to enjoy my normal evenings and weekends. Living life for weekends and vacations isn’t how I want to live my life, because how we spend our lives is how we spend our days. Everyday, not just vacations and weekends.

  1. Beach days on beach days on beach days. Listen, when I moved here, I would have never believed that this place would be the place where I became a beach girl I would have laughed in your face. But last summer I absolutely became a beach girl and now all I want to do in the summer is spend every possible warm, sunny evening, weekend, and long weekend I’m not travelling reading or stitching on the beach.
  2. Read more, screen less. One thing about being out in the sun is that you can’t really watch TV or scroll on your phone. But just in general, just less screen time over the summer.
  3. Stay on budget. Fun plans are less fun when you are worried about how much money you have spent. And it’s way less fun to come home after and be super stressed about how you are going to make up for the damage you did on holiday.
  4. Needlepoint. I have really fallen off needlepointing and even if I have fallen out of the hobby, I at least want to finish the projects that I have started and invested time and money in.
  5. Go to the Quarry. The Quarry is this place that I have heard so much about, but ran out of time (mostly ran out time when the water was warm).
  6. Coffee walk to my heart’s content. Coffee walks are one of life’s greatest joys.
  7. Beach lunches. I only did this a couple times last summer, but the town beach is just a short walk from both the office and where I live, so I want to take advantage of it and walk down to the beach on lunch to fully take advantage.

I know that I require a strong summer to get me through the long winters and I know that the summers up here are incredible. So, this is how I am going to take advantage.

What are your summer bucket list items?


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