December in Review

This may have been my busiest December ever. In university I always assumed that after uni December would be a nice relaxing month, because you wouldn’t have exams anymore that you needed to be studying for on top of Christmas prep. That was an incorrect assumption. I was home for 6 days this month between work travel and holiday travel and to be honest I am looking forward to January and hopefully a chiller, more stationary month with more time to focus on life stuff rather than just work.

A bunch of us went to the coffee shop to get seasonal drinks and then to a Christmas craft fair one Saturday morning. Then that evening some of us went ice skating and then to the bar and I left them still going at 5am. It started out so wholesome.

I tried a few new recipes in December, this one seemed like it would be great, apple smothered pork chops. It was not good. However, I did get to use my new potato masher I finally bought myself which I did enjoy.

My Christmas tree. I don’t know if I love the look of a pencil tree, however it just works so much better in my apartment than a cone shaped one. Also, holy heck I had no clue that pre-lit trees were that much easier. It used to take me hours, like 4-5 hours to put the lights on the tree. And the foot button to turn the lights on and off! Best invention ever.

I had to do some rearranging in my apartment to put up the tree and I really like this little set up.

This is a terrible picture of one of my favourite HelloFresh recipes, the mushroom risotto with crispy sage. Delicious.

This was another HelloFresh recipe, one of their breakfast add-ons. Lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry syrup and bacon. I was hoping it would be similar to the ricotta pancakes at Kerr Street Cafe, and it was similar, but couldn’t meet that high bar. Still yummy, just not Kerr Street Cafe yummy.

The 2nd week of December was a big travel week, on the Monday I flew to Deer Lake for a day trip, then was in Wunnumin Lake Tuesday to Friday.

I was on a sched flight to Wunnumin, which are always interesting.

I chose to walk around to put up some posters. Apparently, the beaches in this community are amazing.

When I saw this I got “Snow on the Beach” vibes.

Then I went to Kenora that Saturday to do some Christmas shopping (gifts not pictured obviously) and also stocked up on shampoo, laundry detergent and got a new dish brush.

I bought stockings at a local shop this year to decorate and I love this little corner. The stockings are made with old wool blankets which I love.

I did not know that my Mom and Granny had decided on an aesthetic for this year’s Christmas presents and of course mine stood out.

The family at Christmas: the parents, my baby brother, my sister and her fiancé.

We’ve had some really pretty snowfalls while I’ve been home. Probably because I haven’t had to go out in them.

I had to do some tidying on the 28th, I couldn’t deal anymore. I think I may like the color blue?

I didn’t take very many pictures during my break. I kind of forgot that I should be, it was nice. I hope you have had a great December, and Happy New Year!


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