A Week-ish in Outfits

This was such a weird week, I was getting over being sick and worked from home, and then was in the office, and then traveling into a community for work and then it was a long weekend with a friend’s birthday and it was just a lot. I was also trying to do Aubre Winter’s Uniquely You program and it was just too much to keep up with.

High: My friend’s birthday party, I hosted because I live in town and closer to the single bar in town. But it was a slightly different friend group than I normally hang out with and it was such a fun time.

My other high is that I’m going to a conference in Toronto this coming week, I’m so excited, I may even get to see a couple friends, maybe go to a couple fitness classes!

Low: Thursday was very stressful, our flight was super slow in the morning because of the headwinds so we arrived super late and then leaving the plane was supposed to leave Red Lake to come get us at 4:00 and be there at 5:30 and we would get back around 7, but they didn’t leave Read Lake until 5:30 and so didn’t get to us until 7 and then it started to snowstorm while we were in the air, circling Sioux Lookout and we almost got redirected to land in Dryden (an hour drive away in good weather) and people were on their phones with managers trying to get us hotels booked, with spouses seeing if we could get rides (because all our cars were at the Sioux Lookout airport) back that night instead of staying in Dryden and then once we got it all sorted, we got cleared to land in Sioux Lookout. It ended up all working out, but it was just a lot, punctuated with a rough and scary landing.


What I did: Worked from home, had a sneaky job interview (sneaky because I didn’t tell anyone in my personal life, but it was an internal position so my manager knows lol).

What I wore: Dress – old – Eloquii, Tights – Snag


What I did: Worked from home

What I wore: Sweater – old – Reitman’s, Leggings – Lululemon


What I did: Worked from the office, prepped for the trip the next day

What I wore: Bodysuit – Amazon, Sweater vest – old – Joe Fresh, Pants – Joe Fresh, Shoes – Doc Marten (I’m a little concerned that this outfit is too Christmasy).


What I did: Recovered from Thursday, lay on the couch, didn’t get dressed

What I wore: Hoodie – old – Joe Fresh, Pyjamas – Joe Fresh (top – black only, bottoms – navy not available)

Saturday – Day

What I did: cleaned my apartment from top to bottom, grocery shopped

What I wore: Sweatsuit – Joe Fresh (mine’s from last year but they brought it back this year) – topbottom

Saturday – Night

What I did: hosted a friend’s birthday pre-drinks

What I wore: Turtleneck – Talbots, Dress – Hill House Home (mine is last year’s version, and I had it let down as much as physically possible because it is short), Tights – Snag, Boots – Doc Martens


What I did: cleaned up after the party, tried to find people’s lost gloves, went for a walk

What I wore: Henley – old – Aerie, Leggings – old – Joe Fresh

Have a great week!


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