Holiday Scroll: 10/07/22

I didn’t have my shit together enough to get this up on Saturday, so since it’s Thanksgiving in Canada today I thought I would just push it to Monday, and here we are. I had such a productive weekend, I deep cleaned my bedroom and living room, finally hemmed my living room curtains that I’ve had since May, completely cleaned out my closet (like literally cleaned, I even washed the walls), cleaned and polished all my boots in preparation for winter (it snowed on Wednesday), posted some clothes on Poshmark, meal planned, got groceries, and now I have nothing but Friendsgiving to do tomorrow and I am pumped. I may even go for a walk. It will be great.

It snowed this week, so how to prepare for SAD.

I’m very much team, can we stop giving literal cult leaders starring roles in movies, but I do have to admit that Jared Leto is a perfect Karl Lagerfeld.

To workout barefoot or not to workout barefoot.

Number 23 on this list is absolutely, 100% true.

This YouTube video made me scream with laughter, I’m going to use it as a demonstration when I need to explain modern dating to anyone who asks.

I’m not a big follower of the Kardashians, but I do know that Kim and Khloe are currently scary skinny, and Kourtney is looking absolutely amazing, and she’s talking about how good she feels about gaining weight.

This made me giggle, the six stages of having too many books.

I’m on a personal Blonde boycott, I refuse to watch it. And Emily Ratajkowski sums it up perfectly.

This is exactly why I have an IUD, I can’t ever remember to take the pill at the same time every day, or even just every day.

How to manage eczema during workouts.

Why we do things we know we’ll regret.

When did some of us stop prioritizing finding a partner.

The almond mom.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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