September Empties

If I have noticed anything writing these posts it’s that I follow a cycle, extreme waste reduction to hyperconsumption to feeling guilty about spending so much on beauty products and consuming so much plastic packaging, to not buying anything and then it starts again. And I am definitely in a not buying anything phase, even though I currently do have some gaps in my makeup and skincare drawer, eye cream, my shampoo bar is getting very small and I don’t have a back up, red lipstick, face makeup, my blush hit pan, I’m on my last month of contacts, I’m out of floss, and the list goes on.

The usual contact waste, I am getting better at changing my contact cases on a more regular basis (and at slowly saving up for Lasik).

I finally decided to try Bio-Oil on some scars and stretch marks this summer, I really think it made a difference. Especially on my surgery scars, and they were about 18 months old by the time I started using it. I was very impressed. It is expensive, but if you have scars and stretch marks that you are self-conscious about, I would say to give it a shot.

The holy grail, the workhorse, Aquaphor. It’s perfect for everything, hands, feet, cuticles, lips, elbows. It is the best.

This is my usual eye cream that I have been using since I started using eye cream, the First Aid Beauty Niacinamide Brightening Cream, I really like this, but I’ve been thinking about switching to more of an anti-aging eye cream over a brightening eye cream this time.

A random conditioner I got at the grocery store when I ran out a few months ago. I have switched back to a solid conditioner, this Good Juju one and I really, really like it.

This was the first heat protectant spray I’ve ever tried, I like how light it is, and that it doesn’t really have a scent (our office is scent free). I’m currently finishing a mix of the tail ends of this and a the Ouai one because there was so much product left at the bottom of both bottles, but not enough to come out the spray pump.

I also got rid of Colour Pop blush my sister gave me for Christmas a couple years ago, it just wasn’t my colour and it is definitely expired now, and a travel size toothpaste that I forgot to take pictures of.

I’m really enjoying getting into my shower every morning at the moment and there not being any plastic in it, it sparks joy.


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