What I’m Buying in September

September is going to be an expensive month for me. I have budgeted for it, and I am not concerned about it, it’s just a statement of fact. I’m going home for 10 days, going to Montreal with friends for a weekend, and will be doing a big “city stock up”, as I have taken to calling them in my head, while I am home and when I come back to Thunder Bay before I drive back home.

I’m not certain how much of this I will actually buy while I’m home, I’m trying to only take a carry on, given all the travel drama that has been happening (especially since my only way home requires a lay over in Pearson, currently the worst ranked airport in the world). But I want to at least try things on while I’m home and make sure I’m getting the right size and picking the right shapes and stuff. And a couple of these are trendier pieces and I want to make sure I actually like them on me before buying.

  1. Doc Marten 1460s in Black. This is one of the items that I want to make sure I try on, fit is particular with Docs, but I have had these on my want list for well over a year now.
  2. Beauty Blender. I have already bought these, I was going to wait and get the brand name one while I was home, but I bought the E.L.F. version in Wal-Mart this past weekend.
  3. DermaBlade razors. Again I was going to get these at Sephora, but ended up getting some at Wal-Mart this weekend. The one person who did hair removal in town has left and I need to figure out alternatives, I’m also intrigued by the supposed exfoliation benefits of dermaplaning.
  4. Trousers. I am leaning towards the Favorite Pant from Djerf Avenue, but I am willing to wait and see what I can get in person while I’m home.
  5. First Aid Beauty Niacinamide Eye Cream. I am on my very last drops of this, but am waiting to restock while I’m home.
  6. Black Converse High Tops. I have images in my head of trousers, cozy sweaters, and these for a fall uniform.
  7. Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored. This is a restock in time for red lipstick season to replace my expired one.
  8. Chunky loafers/oxfords. I don’t have an exact plan for what I want in this, I also am not sure they will suit me or be comfy enough to walk to work in, but these chunky tasseled ones are close.
  9. Handles for my dresser. If you read all of the posts you know that I had these on my August shopping list too, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for and I think I need to see them in person to make a decision.
  10. Underwear, again, these were on my August shopping list and I did not get them. And it is getting a bit desperate in my top drawer.

I also want to do a big book stock up. I will probably buy some while I’m home, but I’m limited by the fact that I am flying. So I am planning on stopping at Indigo in Thunder Bay before I drive home and do a full fall stock up. I also want to get a library card so that I can spend less money on books.

  1. Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Women named Taylor are truly dominating modern art at the moment.
  2. Every Summer After by Carley Fortune. This book has received so much press this summer and it seems right up my alley. AND it is set in Barry’s Bay which is a small town near where my parents live. They have the best Canada Day fireworks in our area, so I have to read this.
  3. Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I want to read this before the movie/mini-series comes out (I can’t remember which it is going to be).
  4. The Lady Di Lookbook by Eloise Moran. I’ve followed Eloise’s Lady Diana outfit account for well over a year now, the analysis she does of Lady Di’s outfits is fascinating and I can’t wait to read it in longform.
  5. The Panic Years by Nell Frizzell. I think this is a “just turned 29” purchase.
  6. Wordslut by Amanda Montell. The way that Amanda breaks down the way we use language is absolutely fascinating and after reading Cult-ish I cannot wait to read her other works.
  7. Olive by Emma Gannon. This is another book that I have been seeing so much internet hype about from my real friends and influencers alike.
  8. Taste by Stanley Tucci. This book has been on my list for ages, I cannot wait to read it and hear Stanley Tucci’s voice in my head for a whole book.
  9. Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel. This is a Jack Edwards rec and he has yet to steer me wrong.
  10. Beach Read by Emily Henry. I’m still medium on Emily Henry, but my friends tell me that this is the book that I need to read of hers.
  11. Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. This is another Jack Edwards rec and the premise is really intriguing. You can go to this teeny tiny coffee shop and order a coffee, and for the time that it is hot you can speak to anyone, dead or alive, famous or normal, anyone you want.

September is going to be my big shop for the fall and early winter. Getting clothes to wear to work, books to read in the fall, and ideally a couple new throw blankets to get all cozy with. So this list isn’t fully exhaustive. Let’s call it an intuitive spending month.


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